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Washington Post Actually Publishes Sober Piece About Don Trump Jr.

The Washington Post Thursday is running a reasonable story related to the Russia scandal. Yes, that’s news.

Post White House reporter Abby Philip, who unfortunately will gain nothing from her organization by getting a compliment from a conservative news site like this, wrote a piece that suggests — without denying the possibility that Russia collusion occurred — that inexperience and political urgency may have informed Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to meet on June 9, 2016, with someone with Russian government ties peddling dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr., the piece notes, “had no previous political experience,” the campaign was disorganized, and his father had just two days earlier promised to give a speech oozing out a host of slimy details about Bill and Hillary Clinton. The speech was never given.

According to multiple former campaign officials and observers, Trump’s children knew very little about how campaigns were supposed to respond to offers from foreign, adversarial governments.

“I worked on a campaign in 2007 and 2008, and I was the Russia adviser to President Obama and we vetted these kinds of meetings very closely, precisely to avoid even the appearance of something like this,” said Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia. “That was my experience, that was my job. I’m not sure who did this for the Trump campaign, but that was my job.”

On the campaign trail that week and on social media, Trump had begun ramping up his attacks on Clinton, drawing attention to her “missing” emails and promising to unspool a web of corruption during her time as secretary of state.

To former Clinton aides, Trump’s promise of damaging information at the June 7 news conference takes on new meaning in light of the revelations about Trump Jr.’s meeting with Veselnitskaya.

If only the rest of the media could provide such balance to their coverage, maybe they wouldn’t be discrediting themselves, in some cases probably fatally, with conservatives and many independent thinkers who want serious journalism instead of Washington groupthink.

8 thoughts on “Washington Post Actually Publishes Sober Piece About Don Trump Jr.”

  1. The meeting with the lawyer is the type of engagement business people do all the time. Its called fact finding and every smart CEO does it. Be informed, make decisions. But then, enter politics and common business practices are deemed suspect.

    Unless you are a Dem


    1. I would call the crazed media and democrat zombie hoards a pack of wild dogs, but that would be an insult to dogs, whom I love.

  2. I am so over this crap, that I cannot tell you. I cannot say anything here that I have not said dozens of times. democrats are crazed, hysterical, violent, delusional and hell bent on destruction. At some point their freaking heads are going to explode, thanks be.

    1. I do not know of any left wing radio talk shows. I’d like to listen in to see what they are saying. And I have not found any left wing blogs that makes any sense.

  3. We have to look back in time for context for this meeting. What was going on in the political world, what was the Clinton campaign saying, and how severe were the attacks on MrTrump right before the convention where he was to be named Repub Candidate?
    Trump Junior is not a naïve or confused man – he’s the opposite of a lot of young men his age. As a businessman, he knows the value of a rumor or a serious charge and what it can do to the reputation or even survival of a company. There’s no doubt that he was comfortable talking to a foreign national – the Trump world is international.

    The constant, ever louder attacks on his father needed to be stopped or slowed, so that an offer of some information that would throw the Clinton campaign off-kilter must have looked tempting. When nothing was offered by the Russian woman, Trump Junior just wrote off the meeting as a nothing much.
    Back then, there was nothing to suggest that the MSM/Dem cabal was going to use Russia! Russia! as a club against the President.
    It just wasn’t an issue. Hillary was going to be President, fact, done and done.
    When it didn’t happen – someone was to be blamed.

  4. Maybe Trump, Jr. should’ve asked for more flexibility after the election.

    I mean, the press seemed to be A-OK with that when President Precious said it.

  5. It’s called ‘Free Speech’and the 1st Amendment. You can talk to whomever you want.

    There’s no charge here that will ever stick.

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