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Joe Scarborough Leaves the Republican Party

Good. That means there’s a place open for someone who’s actually a Republican.

Mika is beaming in this video, and who can blame her? She’s a Democrat, and now her fiance, who proclaimed himself an independent on lefty Steven Colbert’s show Tuesday night, is halfway there.

No one who is a Republican sits that schmoozily next to Steven Colbert.

Also, this will make it easier for him to get tables in Greenwich Village.

15 Responses to Joe Scarborough Leaves the Republican Party

  1. Oh yeah……He is halfway to the mental institution called the democrat party of the USA. He will be in good company and good riddance. He can join the democrats in attempting to sell this country out and bankrupt hard working Americans. In a world currently swimming in crap….yet again in the course of history, the USA is a beacon of light. I am an immigrant here (lived here for 20 years) and I am proud to be in this country. Colbert et al can continue screaming and insulting because apparently the only ideas that the democrats and their celebrity brain trust have is profanity. Good luck to them on trying to run a country on that skill set.

  2. Do the two of them ever go anywhere without the other. They remind me of teenagers who can’t be without each other for fear the other may look at someone else. I could care less his party affiliation. He’s an odd guy.

  3. Ah, love, and the things we do to get it and keep it.
    We can assume that the lady insisted she could not be with a (gasp) Repub, so what’s a guy supposed to do – change his affiliation, of course.
    History is full of sad tales of men who threw over their heritage and/or religion for the love of a woman.
    Good luck there, MrIndependent, you’ll need it. lol

  4. I read this earlier today and couldn’t believe that anyone would honestly think he was part of the “Republican” party.

    No one that has listened read anything from Joe would ever believe him to be Republican.

  5. Good riddance to him. He hasn’t been a Republican for years.
    On another note, why bother with the “Independent” label. Every “Independent” I can think of is just another name for a Democrat: Lieberman, Sanders, King and now Scarborough (or will he take Mika’s name? )

  6. Who cares? It’s like an ass leaving to join a herd full of asses. I wonder if night before they go to bed, are they both trying to out smug one another? Or do they wait till they get on air before they try out doing each other?