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Trump Schedule || Wednesday, July 12, 2017

7:10 pm || Departs White House for Paris, France

All times Eastern

6 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Wednesday, July 12, 2017”

  1. Welcome back to Europe, President Trump. I guess he is relieved to get away from that madhouse, Washington DC. After his last successful trip abroad it didn´t take long until the plotters and schemers in DC was at it again. They can´t just give up. I mean, even Frau Merkel over here said that it is a blessing for us all if the US and Russia can get along as seemed to be the case a couple of days ago. But no no, not allowed among the war-mongers in DC. Are there no other problems in the US to analyze and discuss in the media than this Russia-thing ? Healthcare, taxes, crimes etc ? All is well ? Keith wrote earlier sarcastically that “investigative journalism” is back with this president. To some in the public ( including myself ) it looks like media is even deeper in the propaganda-marsh with this issue that always turn out as a nothing-burger. And it will again, I am sure. We have had many, many real scandals brewing during the Obama years, to begin with, his secret records, who made this empty suit and unknown community organizer a president, who paid ? And then, for example, the tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton that led to no prosecution for Hillary ? And the murder of Seth Rich , the possible whistle blower ? I also find it a bit odd that media always discuss that Russia provided “bad information” about Hillary without ever telling, what was in that information ? To me, that is the only thing interesting.

    1. It’s gotten to the point that if I see “Russia” in the headline of an article, I simply don’t read it. If it comes up when watching TV news (which I do rarely because I can’t stand any of the anchors anymore) then I change the channel or leave the room.

    2. Your analysis of the situation is spot on. The political elites, the fund raisers, the poll takers, the creepy crawly creatures slithering throughout the corridors of Congress like slimy bugs and the corporate media– all enjoy telling us we are on the edge of Armageddon because of the election of Trump.

      The thing is, of course, they’ve written the script for and are the principle actors in this political soap opera which few people watch, believe in or are interested in. They themselves are their own audience.

      The corporate media, the Congress and the rest of these bow-tied fools have record low trust or approval rates in the public mind. No one believes them, no one likes them, no one relies on them for the final word on anything. They are all passengers on a ship of fools.

      Meanwhile, President Trump is in full throttle to repair the enormous damage Obama, his cohorts and the Democrats have purposely caused in our country and in our relationships with our allies. He’s making some progress. Lots of progress in many areas, actually. He gets no help from Congress, Democrats or Republicans. In their heart of hearts, they want Trump destroyed and will do or say anything to make that happen. His successes publicly illustrate their long term previous catastrophic failures in every area of government, and THAT is what makes the anti-Trumpers act out and willingly present themselves as fools.

      1. How can President Trump “…repair the enormous damage Obama…etc” when NO ONE in the spine-less Republican party, cesspool of US Congress & whorehouse of the MSM will EVEN ADMIT THAT OBAMA DID SO MUCH DAMAGE!!!???

        1. For sure. The Rs and Ds are a disgrace, lost in the political ozone and enabled by a corrupt corporate media. Not how this will play out long term for the safety and security of the country. I worry about it a lot.

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