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With Donald Trump as President, Investigative Journalism Makes a Comeback

The New York Times’ report that Donald Trump allegedly met with someone offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, and who said they were doing so at the behest of Russian government officials, shows what determined investigative reporters can come up with.

Now, is this “a story”? Yes. But does this one dumb meeting arranged by Donald Trump’s politically inexperienced son demonstrate collusion with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton? Of course not. It appears no significant information about her was even passed to Don Jr.

What this does prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, is that if you look hard enough at the activities of any individual or any organization, you are going to find things that are stupid, fishy-looking, and potentially illegal.

Since we’re on Russia, the Russians have a saying: “You break the law by rolling out of bed in the morning.”

The Times, even in this supposedly lean era for journalism, had three reporters on the story. Where, one wonders, was this “swarming of the zone” with Obama?

Maybe if reporters had been as eager to dig into Obama’s past, they’d have uncovered much more about the many shady relationships he had back in Chicago with people like Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and Rod Blagojevich. Or perhaps they wouldn’t have missed AN ENTIRE GIRLFRIEND TO WHOM HE PROPOSED, and cheated with on Michelle, as revealed in David Garrow’s new Obama biography, “Rising Star.”¬†Or his use of cocaine after college, also¬†revealed by Garrow.

The Trump administration will have reporters, Congress, and a special counsel fishing around for years. The goal of many of them is to destroy Trump and annul the will of the people. They may succeed, because with Trump, unlike with Obama, the enthusiasm for the hunt is there.

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  1. Go back to the NYT article in 2015 that disclosed the tidy relationship between the Clintons and UraniumOne, the Russian owned firm that gave millions to the Clinton Foundation….now that, my friends, is a story worth looking into…. They effectively sold off 1/5 of USA uranium deposits and there was barely a blink…to the tune of $250m.


  2. What the MSM investigations are about isn’t “journalism”, it’s about thwarting the will of the voters and trying to destroy MrTrump’s presidency.
    Their wish isn’t to uncover some nefarious plot to destroy democracy or even some simple crime, but to nullify the last election and reverse all of it since.
    The current “smoking gun” (as they call it) is about a single meeting done in a public place (Trump Tower) and …that’s it.
    There still is no evidence about a crime committed by anyone (except maybe the Clintons)
    so the investigations are just bullying or rumor mongering.
    We’re not buying it. We don’t read or watch the anti-TRump MSM, so they are playing to their own.

    • Mod jail, again.
      Thanks to MrK the liquor cabinet is full again, there are some crackers to nibble, so I’ll be OK here for a while.
      Actually, this is a nice place to be, if you get my drift.

    • Don’t forget McCain, Graham, Jeb Bush, all the Bushes, Dana on the Five, all out to hurt Trump, so jealous, not a word about how great he did at the G20, getting the war in syria to stop for a while! Trump speaking with Putin about getting together for cyber security, just talk but the dem commies are all about hate, hate white people now, hate America now, all race and ridicule, hatred of American history, stupid Hillary Clinton’s vice President Tim Kane, has the nerve to say “treason” about Trump when the democrats commit treason every day against their very own President, a President who won the votes of millions and millions of voters, who don’t hate America like the dems do, they want to save it, yeah, save it, not just for white people but for all people, how the dems twist their racial hatred to make Trump look too too white for them. He’s white, hats it, he was born that way.

      • mod jail? First time! So sorry, got carried away. Thats okay, I would prefer you not print it anyway. Don’t print it, I was too too much.

  3. The left won’t be happy until they get war.

    And they will get it if they continue their ways.

    They should be careful what they wish for.

    • I’m sorry, but, revolution is the only way, they are committing treason every day, with bloody heads ofour President, plays depicting knifing of our President, lies from the media every minute, revolution is the only way, that is if we care enough about keeping America, it is becoming a media jungle country now withh bad people doing bad things, only because they get away with it and they can, uncivilized idiots talking garbage against our country and our President, filled with hatred and vengeance, the worst offenders include John McCain, who does sneaky piggy things behind American peoples’ back, second Graham, who is so filled with putrid hate he caught from McCain like a disease, Susan Collins, real democrat in Republican clothing, she’s as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside, The Bushes, Jeb, spoiled moron, and his whole family have become lousy traitors hate our President. And many others too, no intelligence or respect for humanity. Revolution, only because we don’t want to be harrassed anymore by idiots setting fires, etc.

  4. It’s not investigative journalism is junk is reported as fact. I’d say that “pretending to be an investigative journalist comes into fashion.”