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Donald Trump Jr. Releases Emails About Meeting

Here you are, have a look for yourself. It’s a little confusing, but if you click on the email within the tweet, you get Trump Jr.’s orginal tweet, and then click on the email again and you get a copy you can read easily.

9 Responses to Donald Trump Jr. Releases Emails About Meeting

  1. Can someone explain to me, why on FOXNews channel that Shep Smith makes his entire show about how AWFUL & TERRIBLE & DANGEROUS this Trump Jr story is…he has “experts” on that all attack/trash Trump (yet I never see these “experts” on other FNC shows?)
    Yet every other real news show on FNC carefully explains and has dismissed why this Trump Jr story is kinda a ‘nothing-burger’ story…

    Why does Shep Smith sound like a CNN wannabe…?