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Pro-Trump PAC Targets Snowflakes

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5 Responses to Pro-Trump PAC Targets Snowflakes

  1. Oh boy, they’re going to hate it, despise it, and find some offense – the speaker is too White, she attacked Hillary so it’s sexist, and how dare they mention money to Iran.
    One of the many things we’ve learned since that night in November 2016, is that Dems, the MSM, the progressives, and the snowflakes have no sense of humor nor can they see anything beyond their own circle of like-minded pals.

    IMO, making fun of someone isn’t very helpful or likely to change their attitude or mind.

    • Perhaps. But being forced to take some of what they spent a decade dishing out, might get them to rethink a thing or two.

      Even worms turn away from pain…