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Trump Schedule || Sunday, July 9, 2017

President Trump today is at the White House, having returned Saturday from his trip to Europe.

9 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Sunday, July 9, 2017”

  1. Yes, and the corporate press is all aflutter with: was this a good meeting, bad meeting, who dominated, who flinched, who stared, which one was the alpha male, what about that handshake, what did the smile mean, who won, who lost, will we survive as a nation?

    It’s all nonsense and politically driven postulations by the perpetual hysterical media, of course. Not worth a spittoon of spit. We won’t know anything about “the meeting” until we see the actions (if any) taken going forth from that Trump/Putin meeting. That will tell us what happened at the meeting.

    1. “manspreading”. Good grief, there are some people trying to decide if Putin’s “spread” is more manly than My President’s.
      If memory servers, no one ever wondered about Obama’s crossed legs as he sat dealing with other foreign leaders.
      Another big-ly. My President recovered a Marine’s cover that flew off in the wind, put in on his head, only to have it fly off again – so he chased the cover, put it on the Marine’s head AGAIN. Now that was worth watching!
      MAGA and Semper Fi.

      1. Read about that Marine’s hat. Good for Trump. Obama would have stepped on the hat, spit on it and then thrown it in the trash bin. That’s how he rolled.

  2. Have a great day! So proud of you on the trip to Europe. Great job representing America. Thank you. Our prayers are with you.

    1. My takeaways:

      1. If Trump and Putin did have constructive talks, the left wing will go bananas and accuse Trump of being weak as well as a traitor.

      2. Senator Graham needs to have a big cup of STFU.

      3. It’s GREAT having an American back in the White House running things again.

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