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Sunday Open Thread || Sunday, July 9, 2017

13 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || Sunday, July 9, 2017”

  1. The MSM is giddy with the report that MrTrump’s son and a few others met with a Russian lawyer(?) with ties to the Kremlin(?) just before Trump was nominated to be the Repub candidate.
    Where did these collaborators meet – where else, Trump Tower.
    Without any evidence of the nature of this meeting, the MSM assumes it was to cement the dirty tricks to torpedo Hillary’s campaign.
    First – IF they did meet with a Russian or a Russian lawyer, it’s not a crime to talk to or meet with a Russian national or any foreign national.
    Second – IF they did meet to collaborate a sneaky hack of the election, they are the dumbest and most transparent criminals.
    This Russia!Russia! attack on MrTrump and his associates is going nowhere, there is no crime, no nefarious plot to make the US a Russian colony or to undermine our Constitution.
    Move on MSM, find something else to whine about, or just shut up, please.

      1. They dangled opposition research on Hillary, and no sane campaign would pass that up.

        And in the end, after a 20-minute meeting, the Russians had nothing, gave nothing, and got nothing.

        This doesn’t even qualify as a nothingburger. It’s more like a nothing-open-face-sandwich.

    1. An excellent piece of writing, Geoff–thoughtful and, well, true. The Left has been on their linguistic programming kick for generations now. The words we use to describe something determine how we think about it. The Left knows that how we spin and twist our vocabulary to suit their political goals is one of the most powerful tools they have to achieve their destructive goals. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. (Alexander Pope).

  2. Drudge leads to a link of VPPence having private meetings with big donors. There is speculation that he is planning to run again – for POTUS.
    It would not surprise anyone if MrTrump bows out of the 2020 race and retires – he’ll be 74 yrs old, tired of the grind and the fighting.
    The Dem/MSM/progressives will be paralyzed if MrPence becomes the R. candidate. He represents all our values, is non-threatening to the other Repubs, and let’s face it – he looks like a “president”.
    We’ll see. 2019 will be interesting, hope I’m still here. lol.

      1. Ya never know. She’s certainly crazy enough to think about it. By that time, she’ll have to be propped up with sticks, baling wire and pillows to make her look more or less viable. Can’t wait for the photos. ;+}

  3. I saw the YouTube video of Trump’s speech in Warsaw. I thought it was excellent. Very candid and passionate. The mainstream media saw it the other way. They saw him as a nationalist, raising a threat, with a ‘dog whistle’ to white nationalists. Ugh. So glad I was actually able to see the speech and his original words rather being filtered by The ideologues of the left.

    1. The Atlantic described it as racial and religious paranoia. They must have listened to a different speech by someone else.

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