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Video || Trump Shakes Putin’s Hand for First Time as President

Later, they met formally. From the White House pool report of the “pool spray” before the meeting:

US President Trump did not respond to repeated shouted questions about whether he would raise Russian election hacking.

Russian President Putin and Trump sat next to each other in a pair of white chairs flanked by aides

Speaking through a translator, Putin said they had spoken over the phone several times on “important bilateral and international issues,” but that phone calls were “never enough” and they needed to sit down together “if we want positive relations.”
Putin called himself “delighted to be able to meet you.”

11 thoughts on “Video || Trump Shakes Putin’s Hand for First Time as President”

  1. What is a “pool spray?” This is getting too complicated — I had someone ask me why an event was a press gaggle and not a press briefing. I didn’t understand that either.

    1. Good questions –I wasn’t familiar with those terms before either but from what I understand the pool spray is a very brief opportunity for journalists and photographers to catch participants before or after a meeting, for example. The gaggle is an informal time for the press secretary to share information, such as on a plane as the President is traveling. If this isn’t correct, please let me know.

    I have read positive reports about their first meeting.It makes me very happy. More civil discussions will be good and hopeful for us all. Those who seek conflict with Russia live in a bubble, in my opinion. How can anyone be keen on destruction and nuclear wars ? Simply crazy. Old Gorbachev said, please seek common ground, have a constructive meeting. He should know a thing or two about it.

  3. I can’t wait until the left starts saying it was some sort of secret handshake that communicated massive amounts of national security information from DT to Vlad.
    Heck, they will probably say their was some sort of information transmitted in the secret sauce that was on Putin’s plate.

  4. Well, Putin understands he’s not dealing with a silly, goofy and completely unprepared amateur like Obama, or a confused and self-serving Hillary for that matter, anymore. No doubt Putin’s been briefed on Trump for weeks by his people–including a complete personality/biographical analysis of Trump. He surely knows he has met his match in Trump, unlike Obama who he kicked around like a fool.

    Same deal with President Trump. He’s been thoroughly briefed on Putin, down to what color socks Putin prefers and how many times a day he brushes his teeth. Guaranteed. He thoroughly understands Putin’s strengths and weaknesses. Trump knows how Putin will respond to every issue that will come up in their discussion.

    The best outcomes? That Trump and Putin agree on what issues they can join forces–the defeat of ISIS, e.g. And which issues they cannot agree to work together on, Crimea, Ukraine, etc. We hope both leaders come away with a sense of where they really stand on issues, what they can work on together, and which issues they cannot. That would be a good start.

      1. To be sure, Putin understands completely that, with Trump as President,, he is not dealing with a fool anymore. You can see it in Putin’s body language and facial expressions at their meeting.

  5. One is honored, the other delighted. Great, let’s remember that more contact and communication is not collusion. President Reagan walked out of Iceland meetings because the Soviets wouldn’t talk. I believe President Trump will do the same. So far, so good.

    1. Contact and communication are wonderful things, from which may spring understanding and trust.
      But the MSM will call it collusion!

  6. –did any liberals spontaneously combust from seeing the two together in one place? It would fit their supposititious angst and refusal to acknowledge what a poor candidate they had last fall.

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