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Tucker Carlson Asks: How Did Maxine Waters Afford a $4.3 Million Home?

Oh, I know!

Good job, Tucker. I like that he’s doing fearlessness on his show.

14 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Asks: How Did Maxine Waters Afford a $4.3 Million Home?”

  1. How? She is a very frugal woman who saved up her whole, whole life so that she could buy herself a nice house. Thrift store clothing, swap meet items, canning her own veggies from the garden in her back yard, and only buying one wig to wear.
    She should write a book, or at least a blog, and share her secrets.

      1. LOL… yes, obviously.

        Well, maybe she won the lottery. Or maybe she found the $4.3 million on the backseat of a taxicab, and after a world-wide search for the one who lost the cash, no one was found. So she she kept it, as any honest person would. I’m sure she earned every single penny of that loot by working 100 percent of the time for the good of the country and her constituency. And I’m sure her close friend George Soros had NOTHING to do with it. No siree. ;+}

  2. What you mean honey? I’m gonna whip your ass if you criticize my wig shop again… it’s a moneymaker baby! And don’t you forget it!

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