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Trump Schedule || Friday, July 7, 2017

President Trump today is in Hamburg, Germany for G-20 summit. While there, he is expected to meet privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

4 Responses to Trump Schedule || Friday, July 7, 2017

  1. Dum De Dum Dum…now we get to see the two collaborators as they collude to turn America into a Russian colony…
    The MSM will be watching to see how strong the handshake is, will they make eye contact and smile, and if the ‘bulging’ envelope is passed from one to the other…
    Today, the MSM tied the G-20 riots to Trump’s arrival in Germany completely forgetting that the riots happen every year, Trump or no. Then there was the glee that the Polish First Lady seemed to ignore his outstretched hand – didn’t happen, but they had their fun with that.
    The speech, the inspiring, statesman speech – they ignored it altogether, except to criticize it as some “alt-right manifesto”.
    They just can’t stop, can’t help themselves – the biased and snide comments continue.
    Someone said -..if Trump walked across a River, the MSM would claim he couldn’t swim..

    • A short trip to the dark side of the MSM reveals that the comment above isn’t just a smarty-pants spouting off.’s lede story is how to watch the Trump/Putin meeting for telltale signs of how they address each other, and the has a nice opinion piece about how to deal with an “unhinged President”. doesn’t seem to be very interested in the President’s visit to Germany.
      Worst of all – not one MSM outlet surveyed has commented on MrsTrump’s marvelous toned arms!

      • The corporate press in the US, as per usual when it comes to a Trump story, will completely miss the essence of the Putin/Trump meeting. Purposefully. There will be no substance to their reporting, only a high school newspaper level, giggly misrepresentation of Trump’s “behavior”, his hair, who shook hands with whom, the color of Trump’s tie, etc. All as you suggest. The “reporting” will be all form and no substance, no context, no objectivity, no intelligent, well based and solidly formulated commentary what this meeting means for short or long term implications and international developments. It will be awful reporting. A disgrace. We know that. That’s the track record of the corporate press.

        So with all that in mind, I will rely on Skye News, France 24, a few trusted blogs and even RT from Moscow to develop a wider understanding of the Trump/Putin meeting. And Keith will get the story right far more credibly than the overpaid, snarky and loony mouth breathers on network television.

        That’s the world we live in.

  2. God Bless President Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump on their travels to the G-20 Summit. Our prayers are with you for a successful trip!