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Video || A Short History of Our Failure to Stop North Korea

We’ve been played by North Korea over and over again, and our leaders have given us false reassurance time and again as well. Fox News’ James Rosen has done a good little rewind showing how we got into the awful situation we are in today with the North Koreans.

America is smart. But America, because we are separated by an ocean from most of the rest of the world and border on only two countries – one of which is a lot like us (sorry Canada) – we have trouble getting in the minds of other nations. And so we think they can be trusted, like we can be.

At least, our leaders and the intellectual class do. I’ve noticed that average Americans tend to be more hard headed and suspicious about the motives of foreigners than sheltered, multicultural Ivy Leaguers. That’s why Republicans, who have understood foreign threats like communism a little more clearly, still get elected, despite lectures to average voters from the media other of their “betters.”

Although, let’s be honest, George W. Bush wasn’t much of an improvement with respect to North Korea over Bill Clinton.

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6 Responses to Video || A Short History of Our Failure to Stop North Korea

  1. Don’t discount racism – the go-to for all explanations. The evil White devils come to colonize the peaceful Asians, kind of thing.
    It’s always been there in any discussion, but only lately, in the last decade, has it become a loud and constant complaint.

    These -isms, -phobes, and -ists are bandied about as if nothing but evil minds could think this way – never mind if Muslims want to kill us all, or we don’t think gay people should get married. The war against any Asian country would bring up the same arguments, no matter that they threaten to bomb our cities and bring the US to it’s knees in surrender.

  2. During World War Two FDR pleaded with Stalin to help fight Japan. Russia never did. Russia declared war on Japan after the atomic bombs were dropped. At that time the UN was being established. FDR and Eleanor were big supporters of the UN. It was decided to let the UN administer Korea. Russia had the north and the US the south. Russia left us with a poor, belligerent country and the US left a prosperous, peaceful South Korea.

    What all this shows is Communism does not work and the UN is a toothless tiger when it comes to bringing peace to the world. And Democrats are soft on Communism.

    • You point out very well the foreign policy catastrophes 1945-52 (and through the present day) which we still suffer even today with respect to North Korea.

      My wife’s brother, 4th Marines, was killed in the Korean war. He was a forward observer, scouting out the path forward as we fought our way north toward the Punch Bowl. He was killed when he stood up from a foxhole to determine the lay of the land and to spot where enemy fire was located. As the precise moment he stood up, a Chinese mortar landed directly behind him and he was killed instantly. He left behind his widow and two young children.

      I’ve studied the Korean war for a long time and I have a lot to say about it– the political maneuverings, the logistical and strategic mistakes we made, etc., but this is not the place to go into all that. What we do know is that the North Korean situation never got properly resolved and, so, here we are today. There’s plenty of blame to go all around– the politicians of both parties, the fumbling of Presidents (Clinton and Obama in particular), the UN, the media– all made their contributions to what eventually led up to this mess today.

      My hope is that the back channels of our diplomatic efforts are red hot with intelligent, effective and well informed discussions about our “next step”. There are no great solutions, at this point, to deal with N. Korea. There are too many unknowns, too many dark secrets, too many political interests at stake to make anything but an amateur guess for us sitting on the sidelines. But something has to happen. I reckon we just have to wait and see. We’d better get it right this time.

  3. OT: CNN and the blackmailed video maker.
    This is so funny, so fake news. They threatened to out/dox the wrong video maker and this can’t get any better. can it?
    A great big corporation finds a video maker and for some reason thinks the world is awaiting, ready to cheer their investigative skills and ability to force? persuade? threaten? this poor dope into making what sounds like a POW confession from the 1950’s.
    Good grief, can CNN get any more ridiculous or useless?
    They found the wrong guy/gal. Can’t believe they are so incompetent, so clueless.
    Anyway, what fun. Suck it up, buttercup CNN.

  4. “Although, let’s be honest, George W. Bush wasn’t much of an improvement with respect to North Korea over Bill Clinton.”

    Clinton didn’t have to deal with the fallout and response to 9/11.