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Trump Schedule || Thursday, July 6, 2017

President Trump today is in Poland, where he will meet with the country’s president as well as the leader of Croatia, according to reports. He will address the Polish people in Warsaw. Trump Thursday will move on to Germany, where he will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On Friday, Trump will attend the G-20 summit in Hamburg, where he is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

8 Responses to Trump Schedule || Thursday, July 6, 2017

  1. Very welcome to Europe, President Trump and Wife ! By the way, Melania looks very smiling and happy to be back . This will be a very interesting week, I look forward to his speech in Warsaw and is very interested in how his meetings with Mrs Merkel and Putin will turn out.
    A big, big thing on the Internet right now is how the CNN shot the ball into it´s own goal. They put up a hunt for the private individual who created the Trump versus CNN video and then made him apologize and crawl in the dust under the threat of revealing his identity. Oh oh, the CNN-people simply do not understand what they have done and how this looks in the eyes of the Internet-generation, the young people. And to other people,interested in free speech, like me. Like Trump said : they destroyed themselves because they went too far. I am happy to see this fake news channel crumble. May others follow.

      • Hmm, wonder if he will pop up next to lecture Poland about the dangers of nationalism (given that they didn’t like Obama and appear to love Trump)? The best present ever would be for Obama to shut up and go away. But that will never happen.

    • The CNN saga continues! They screwed up bigly, but it remains to be seen if they learn anything at all from their epic mistake.

      I hope Trump will be completely protected by his own security team, and by those assigned to keep him safe by the Polish and especially the German governments. It will be interesting to watch the MSM bleating about President Trump’s meeting with Putin.

    • We are watching CNN destroy themselves in a self-induced death spiral. They cannot seem to understand or admit that, nor do they have the slightest inclination to correct their dilemma. It gets worse for them every day and they still go on whistling a happy tune on their stroll through the graveyard.

  2. I heard a radio report that Trump guaranteed
    energy supplies to Poland. They do not need to be held hostage to one supplier. Russia supplies natural gas to Europe. They have a reputation of cutting off supply during the dead of winter.

  3. Delighted to see the excellent crowds in Warsaw for Trump – so many American flags & so much red, white & blue. Slightly amused to even see the Confederate flag there as well! Perhaps, just perhaps Mika B. was wrong when she said the world “hates” Trump. (hah!)