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Video || Bernie Gets Hot in the Hot Seat

When you’re holier than thou, it must be awful to have your holiness questioned.

A couple of years now of constant praise and wild crowds applauding this irresponsible, angry Socialist who would bankrupt our country. I mean, that is, well before we’re scheduled to go bankrupt.

And now it appears his wife is under investigation, and maybe him too. And he don’ wanna talk about it.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

5 thoughts on “Video || Bernie Gets Hot in the Hot Seat”

  1. Sanders. Socialist,a dirty politician like any dirty politic1an. And a compromised wife.

    And, of course, Trump. Republicans.

    IMO, Bernie Sanders deserves this.

    And after what the Trump family has gone through, it is so hypocritical that Sanders complain about their wives and families being attacked.

    And speaking of that. Take a good look at McCabe’s wife.

  2. The only job he has been able to keep is Senator….it must be really easy! He use to steal electricity via extension cord from his neighbor.

    Real POS

  3. It looks like it’s time to “pay the piper”, Bernie.
    After decades of living loose and on the take, the piper demands payment.
    The issue with MrsSanders and her deal with the million dollar loans, the Catholic church property and the college is another example of government cronies taking care of their own and sending the bill to the taxpayers.
    The church got their money, the college got their land, and the bank got reimbursed from all of us.
    Sort of like the Solyndra deal, or the GM motors deal, or even Obamacare. Oh, how can we forget the notorious trillion dollar shovel-ready scam from the Obama administration.
    The deal is the friends of those in power get the money, and the taxpayers foot the bill.

    Nothing will come of this, no one is going to jail, and it will be forgotten soon.

    1. It is most likely that any impropriety will go without consequences, but I have my fingers crossed. Trump may be gaining traction to enforce some accountability. This is our best chance to get our government back.

  4. OT. Entitled politicans. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

    Remember when Christie was shown walking with Obama on some beach. Well, it appears that Christie shares Obama’s sense of entitlement.

    On the 4th of July no less.

    With the NJ government shut down and beach closed, the Governor used his position to justify the residence beach for his family and friends. In your face NJ.

    I take this as a signal that Christie has no future political plans in NJ. Or perhaps at all.

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