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Independence Day Open Thread || July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.

19 Responses to Independence Day Open Thread || July 4, 2017

  1. Ever since leaving the US, my family, and friends over here, have been celebrating Fourth of July. I have done it with a tiny bit of reluctance during the Obama years but this year is different, at least for me.
    So, this year, we are the hosts of the festivities and I went up early to raise the Red-white-and blue on our flagpole. It is a grand sight. I believe our neighbours and passers-by enjoy it too.
    Happy Fourth of July, everyone !

  2. How blessed we are to have a president who is committed to freeing us from the government overextension which has been removing our constitutional rights. Obama may be preaching liberal international rights, but Trump is making us proud to be Americans once again. Happy Independence Day to all of you.

  3. They did it – the NoKos have unleashed an ICBM and with that have brought the more peaceful nations to attention.
    We have to look to China and Russia for help to curtail this regime’s aggression.
    While the war between the US and NoKo is mostly in the NoKo’s minds, their bombs and threats are real.
    What will happen next ..who knows.
    The Muslims are still on the march into Europe, and the Austrians are threatening military action to prevent them from invading their country. The Mafia in Italy is forming their own military to force the Muslims from their lands, but the rest of Europe is adapting to terrorism, rapes and murder, as a new normal life style.
    Who would have thought that we would think back to the days of the Shah and Saddam as the peaceful times?

  4. We need some answers about NOKO so called ICBM. If it range is only 600 miles its not a much of a problem for CON USA. Draw a circle 600 miles from them and that it.
    IS it solid fuel,many stages, liquid fuel or what?? A true ICBM needs to be like 3000 miles range. Not an easy task.
    What is there guidance system? laser ring gyro? GPS ? What? mid range course correction? These and many more answers are needed.