As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

10 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || July 1, 2017

  1. About the Joe&Mika story – well, that sure went off into the weeds of a Nat’l Enquirer hit piece, the Pres’s son-in-law, and a weak attempt to accuse the President of blackmail.
    Blackmail! – Joe wanted a potential story of his affair with Mika killed, Jared is said to suggest Joe apologize to the President and all will be well. The “blackmail” (according to Joe) was apologize or else.
    Good grief. What a big honkin’ mess of bruised egos that show all parties to be petty and silly.
    Putting together some pieces of information has brought some interesting facts to light about MrTrump, GenFlynn, and the FBI Comey.
    1. Joe&Mika’s constant verbal attacks on MrTrump were personal grievances meant to hurt him for not stopping an embarrassing story about their sneaky affair.
    2. GenFlynn’s problems started when he intervened into a sexual harassment charge brought by a friend against someone in the FBI.
    3. Comey was pressured by the Dems to keep the phony story of Russian collusion alive even though there was nothing to it. He rebelled with his “memo” about Loretta Lynch’s interference into the Clinton emails by outing her to the Congressional committee and forcing the appointment of a special consul who will eventually charge members of the Obama administration with multiple violations – not the Trump people or even MrTrump.

    This is better and more fascinating than the tales of the Borgias or the court of Henry VIII.
    Heads will roll, but whose?

  2. I hope some Leftie does get on here and nit pick you about what day of the week it is.

    Happy 150th Birthday to Canada and a safe 4th for all.

  3. Keith,Fox,Rush and Hannity would just ignor the BS from the MSM then now of crazy left will have any affect.
    WE are giving the tiny minority a BIG voice. It has to stop!

    • No matter how crazy the proggies have become it is important to speak out, to stand up, to not turn the other cheek, to not take the high road. It has been proven that that, and ompromise, does not work. We are silenced and they carry on.

      Trump is fighting back. And I stand with him. Joe and Mika — we didn’t make them that way. This is who they are. Desperate and now, disgusting. Mika going after Melania and Barron like the mean girl that she is.

    • It might be better, if some new voice of the majority could, somehow, cut through all the noise, and shock the entire system into a serious self-examination.