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Trump Threatens North Korea

President Trump Friday said that “patience is over” with North Korea, suggesting he is going to take tougher measures with Pyongyang without saying what those measures are.

Trump spoke during an appearance in the Rose Garden with South Korean President Moon:

The nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response. The North Korean dictatorship has no regard for the safety and security of its people or its neighbors and has no respect for human life. Millions of north Korea’s own citizens have suffered and starved to death. The entire world just witnessed what the regime did to our wonderful Otto Warmbier. I thank President Moon for expressing his condolences on the travesty of Otto’s death. Our thoughts and our prayers remain with his wonderful family. The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed. Many years, and it’s failed. And frankly, that patience is over.

I’m concerned that foreign policy seems to be getting driven in part by “beautiful babies” in Syria and “our wonderful Otto Warmbier.” While what has been done to both the former and the latter is abhorrent, we need to make foreign policy based on our national security interests.

We seem to be increasingly pulled into the byzantine Syrian quagmire, and another endless Middle East war is the last thing we need. And Otto Warmbier made a fatal decision, his own decision, to go to North Korea. I personally feel tremendous sorrow about what happened to him, especially having had a lot of dumb ideas myself, but we need to approach North Korea in a very cold-blooded fashion.

Nevertheless, Trump is right on the policy. North Korea will eventually become an existential threat to the United States. We need to do everything we can with sanctions, isolation, assassination, destabilization, cyberwarfare, and whatever else we can try to destroy the regime there that threatens us.

But if those things don’t work, as bad as the option is — and I get how bad it could be — we have to use military force. We have to do what Bill Clinton should have done and failed to do when we could still have prevented a nuclear North Korea.

It’s just, unfortunately, the bottom line.

11 Responses to Trump Threatens North Korea

  1. Just what the Sam Hill is he supposed to do – wait until NoKo perfects an ICBM nuclear warhead that hits California?
    The NoKos are not threatening Egypt, England, or even South Africa – it’s threatening to “flatten” our great cities with nuclear weapons.
    If PresTrump can strike out at his obsessed enemies in the MSM, then he can help prevent a nuclear disaster instigated by the insane NoKos who see an American spy hiding in every rice paddy.
    The SoKos have to feel a little safer knowing that the might of the US of A has their back from the horrors of their northern neighbor.

  2. North Korea is a big problem but what kind of measures are appropriate ? I am not sure that South Korea wants military force against NK, they have never used it or asked for it. Instead they support their neighbors with food etc. After all they are “relatives.” And because they will have to face the consequences if there is destruction and chaos and millions of brainwashed people are on the run and invade their well-run little country. Don´t we know about such problems here in Europe.
    Send Rodman to seduce the little dictator again .

    • I understand your revulsion of military force.

      Europe’s preference is to be slowly invaded by Muslims and terrorists. Nothing big.

      Pretty sure the US retaliation against NORK will consider South Korea and our ally will be protected as much as possible.

      But the South Koreans also understand that they are a stone’s throw from the actions of a crazy man.

  3. What difference does it make if Otto is the catalyst to another Korean war? We all know its coming and has been for sometime now. War with korea would be justified just by liberating its people which is the right thing to do. It will be bloody, expensive, difficult journey. but it needs to be done. Obama did not help the situation one bit and in fact made it worse by enabling the Kim Regime to continue its warpath forward on.

  4. Keith, All due respect but I think you put too much stock in Trump’s framing with “babies” and Warmbier. They are not and have not been the real reasons or issues.

    The policy is correct. As for Syria, ISIS has been damaged from all I read.

  5. ISIS is contained and almost eliminated on the Iraq side (where we operate). On the Syria side they still operate but we are trying to force Assad and Russia to finish them off. Keeping them around allows Assad to continue hostilities which is not something we want.

    North Korea has to be peacefully resolved as everybody understands due to their artillery, sleeper cells in South Korea, extensive tunnel system, and possible subs. How that is done is beyond me but hopefully it can be achieved.

    Speeches, babies, etc. are all pretense. 99% of the diplomatic, diplomatic, and force measures (if any are applied) are done without the public being aware. Particularly with this administration. They don’t give anything to the press.

      • Go TRUMP, I agree with you that “99%…are done without the public being aware. Particularly with this administration. They don’t give anything to the press.”
        I suspect also that 99% of media analysts and bloggers have not figured this out yet. We only find out about Our President Trump’s best deals after they are a done deal. And unlike the fictional “deals” that Obama pretended to make, Our President Trump’s deals are real, effective, and long lasting.

  6. It is long overdue; eliminate the threat of North Korea and the madman who leads this insanity! Suggest a team of Special Forces on a mission to instigate a military coup or the assassination of Kim Jong Un and his evil party members! Surely, we have enough intelligence and military power to get it done. Waiting any longer is a serious mistake! The man is a “loose cannon.” Without him, North Korea will be lost. What are we waiting for!!!

    • We are likely back-channeling with other elites in the NK govt who are sympathetic to the possibility of a coup and westernization of the country. While simultaneously seizing foreign assets (all dictators stash a pile of money somewhere) and starving them economically.

      That’s pretty much always option A.