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The Biggest Reason Trump’s Reaction to Mika is a Concern

The spat between President Trump and “Morning Joe” Friday descended to a new level of unseriousness. But neither that, nor Trump’s repellent behavior, is the most consequential problem with all of this.

Donny Deutsch said on “Morning Joe” Friday that he and Trump are both from Queens and so let’s duke it out over the rude things Trump said about Mika Brzezinski and so on and so forth.

Mika and Joe Scarborough pulled Deutsch back and pretended to be above it all, which they’re not. And I’m pretty sick of them feigning shock when, after months of intentionally trying to get under Trump’s skin and provoke him, they find that they succeeded in getting under Trump’s skin and provoking him.

But Mika does make one good point in the video above. “He has once again shown the world that he can be played. He can be tweaked. He can be goaded so easily that it’s frightening,” she said.

She’s right, that’s a problem.

The Russians and the Chinese in particular, along with many others, do sophisticated psychological profiles of our leaders so that they can work them over and lead them toward actions that benefit them, and not the United States. Remember, for example, how Putin pretended to be so enamored of his grandmother’s cross, or something like that, and George W. Bush thought he’d seen into Putin’s heart?

They new how significant Christianity was to Bush. Another successful PSYOP – psychological operation – by the former KGB chief. Bush should have kept a clear head and understood that within Putin’s heart are only ice cubes for making vodka tonics.

Trump has to be able to recognize that our enemies are going to try to push his buttons. And he’s making his buttons and the ease of their use all too clear.

Trump is, has always been, and will always be, thin-skinned. Certain things just seem to get to him and he gets obsessed about them.

We’re all allowed our flaws. But he needs to get it under control.

Mika and Joe have some serious power, but they are mosquitoes compared to the president of the United States. Much more consequential people those two, foreign actors who are very dangerous and very evil, are going to try to manipulate this president. And they can’t be allowed to succeed.

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  1. “Goaded so easily” is one of Icky’s little distortions. Remember her frequent pronouncements of his mental illness, done in her cool way with that sneer that proclaims “Life is so icky, but I am strong enough to bear it.”

    I think it’s worth observing that President Trump is surrounded by people who once treated him in a friendly way and now spend their days treating him like an enemy. Icky and Dick belong in this category.

    Foreign heads of state do not. Trump has a lot of international business experience and has dealt with frustration before.

    I’m not worried.

    1. Yep. Trump has had to be a people person to conduct business. The Trump haters are not; they sneer at Trump. I also don’t buy that Trump as president has to be above it all. He would be able to if the Democrats, their resisters and the Never Trump GOP would simmer down. They are the insane ones.

  2. MrTrump is “thin-skinned” is a pretty certain observation of the man. Should he continue the time-honored Nixon Repub tradition of accepting anything someone says about them or their families in silence, then sic the IRS on them?

    From Day 1, the anti-Trump forces have ridiculed him, called his wife a whore, his son mentally challenged, his grown children clever crooks, and now (I recently learned) claim that he has a smaller than normal penis.
    What do we expect from any man who is now leading our military and charged with the security of our country – that he just gamely smile at the most vicious comments and assertions ever thrown against a sitting President? Shall he just take hit after hit or is he justified to retaliate in kind.

    His stand against the forces of the MSM/Dems/deep state is refreshing and makes us yokels in flyover country happy.
    For years, we’ve been described in the most offensive way by our betters in the Press and the White House. We’re expected to be ashamed of our religious beliefs, to lay down our guns, accept and support any manner of illegal activity and since we can’t do that – we’re the “irredeemable deplorables” who should be silenced.
    Go for it MrTrump. Slap them down to protect yourself and your family (and us).

    1. To add to your examples of the anti-Trump propaganda machine from media, we have this from Chris Matthews.
      “Matthews Suggests Trump Channel Mussolini, Murder Kushner; Compares Him to Ethiopian Dictator”

      From the story:
      “As he’s previously done(documented here, here, and here), Matthews reiterated his belief that Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump are akin to the murderous sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay.”

      “So the son-in-law — you know, one good thing Mussolini did was execute his son-in-law. I mean, I’m talking about Ciano,” he (Matthews) clownishly argued.”

      You get the drift. It’s just amazing to watch. It’s another example of the tactic of hard core lefty media activists who are, willingly or not, planting ideas in their minds of the unstable leftists in the country. Giving them ideas.

      1. Marcus, the anti-Trump propaganda is just incredible. And these people never ever said anything about Obamas hidden transcripts, golfing days, luxury holidays ,male companions etc.

        1. For sure. And by their over the top attacks on Trump, the media are destroying the little credibility which is left of their brand. Newspaper circulations are dropping, TV new viewership is dropping, polls show that 94 percent of us have little or no trust in the corporate media. And yet the media continues to use the very same tactics and strategies which are destroying them. They act like members of a fanatical cult. It’s just amazing to watch.

  3. So the whole reason for their existence is to “tweak” and “goad” him to the point of destroying his presidency? Got it.

    All because their “girl” didn’t win.

    1. Yes, the “girl” who lost and, of course, the fact that their wicked agenda to “change America”, as Obama and his masters tried so long and so hard to accomplish, has been blown up (for now) with Trump’s election. THAT’S what’s driving them crazy. They will never forgive him for winning the election. George Soros hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since Trump’s win. All that money he gave anti-Trump interests failed to destroy Trump.

  4. This is not ordinary times and this is not an ordinary president. Oh, a cold, smart chess player like Putin in the White House would be fine and anyone likes polished, well mannered politicians like JFK but today I like honesty best. And candour. And fighting spirit. I don´t care that Trump sometimes moves like an elephant in a porcelain store. Mika B says : ” He has once again shown the world that he can be played”. No no, he has showed that he is human and that he can and will fight back. My disgust for the MSM is such that I prefer to look the other way when Trump gives it to them even in a distasteful way. They deserve it. So go for it. But maybe he should, now and then, allow his underdogs to do some of the “dirty” job instead.

  5. I do not think Trump is any more thin skinned than Obama and there was no concern then.

    He may be thin skinned, he may want to hit back. But he is smart enough to make choices. He chose to take on the two idiots — either as a distraction, an amusement or because he was annoyed. It was not a knee jerk reaction. They have been doing this for months.

    I am not concerned at all that President Trump is so thin skinned as to put the country at risk. By all accounts, he loves this country and is willing to go to great lengths to help it recover from the Obama trauma and rebuild its strength.

    I always think it interesting that people see him as weak, stupid, and thin skinned. Maybe so. But also smart enough to know when it counts.

    1. I recall the whole country walking on eggshells for 8 miserable years with 0, because he was the first (black) prez. I don’t agree. He was the first half white/half Muslim president. Hello Indonesia where he spent his formative years. I don’t give a crap about shrill Mika & Joe. I DO care that Trump and family have been beat to death with criticism from the beginning. It’s been relentless.

  6. Thin skinned. Thin skinned is Barack Obama ordering the Park Service to make WWII memorials unavailable to veterans and other US sites either unavailable to difficult for average American citizens to visit because he was pissed off at the government shutdown.

    1. I’m still stuck on 0 blocking road pullouts so visitors couldn’t see (the closed up) Mt. Rushmore. That’s school yard bullying.

    1. You have hit on it, Grace. That is exactly what he is doing – keeping their attention and energy elsewhere while he accomplishes all his plans quietly in the background. He becomes more and more successful, and they become less and less relevant.

  7. Your analysis is bad, man. The liberal media doesn’t need to be coddled, appeased, ignored, or pleaded with.

    It needs to be destroyed. That means they need to be completely destroyed in ratings and revenue which means the American public needs to be made aware of how they operate.

    Trump is at war with the Media because Bannon understands their true power. The media is the deep state and their propaganda toolkit is extensive. Trump is utilizing their own techniques against them.

    Honestly dude you run a good website but I’m about to stop coming if you don’t step up your analysis on these issues. You cannot see the angles at all.

  8. Once again it is let the media off the hook for their biases but find fault with the president when he speaks out. Perhaps the “media, celebrities, and politicians should the brakes on such behavior instead of finding another negative slant against our president.
    When do they take personal responsibility?

  9. 3 important immigration actions in the last 24 hours. Great smokescreen.
    “Repellent”, “appalling”, “responsible for Scalise shooting”.
    These people don’t pray. They provoke and scorn and curse while the President fulfills his promises.

  10. I President Trump throws Bull feces in a fan and I hits 95% of the media, then I’d say 5% must have ducked. It is what it is. He may be crude, and rude but if they (the media) are above it all, they don’t act immune.

    1. My lovely wife is lovely. Yet. Sometimes she drives me crazy… Oh the stories I could tell!!! In the end — she is a package deal. I love what I have.

      With Trump. It is a package deal.

      AND… Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush-elder… You like what you had? So why do you want the new guy to be like the old ones?

      The uncomfort you feel is the same uncertainty that other nation leaders feel because you better have your crap together because this guy does not take crap from anyone – ever. There is no red line to march up to (or cross)…stay the hell away from the line or this guy is going to smack you.

      We haven’t had a stand up guy in forever…. Enjoy.

  11. Actually, I think you have that exactly backwards; Trump in living rent-free in Mika and Joe’s heads and they spin in personally outraged cicles while Trump enacts his agenda without interference from them. I liken it to throwing a nice, juicy hunk of meat into a corner of a yard filled with small, yapping dogs. Once the are all tearing at that, one can cut through the yard without issues.

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