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Trump: Mika Brzezinski was “Bleeding Badly from a Face Lift”

It’s like a very bad divorce.

President Trump and Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe use to be cozy. But at a certain point the two pundits, who are engaged to be married, must have said something Trump didn’t like or gotten too critical, and he stopped taking their calls. And they seem to be furious with him, waging a kind of nearly daily jihad that seems way beyond normal oversight of the president.

Anyway, they’ve attacked him in personal terms, and today he struck back. In, uh, personal terms.

22 thoughts on “Trump: Mika Brzezinski was “Bleeding Badly from a Face Lift””

    1. My Icon Don Imus :-) hated that awful “Morning Joe” show…Joe had a dead intern in office & Mika is a stuck-up, clueless, biased arrogant b%tch

  1. At first I thought- he shouldn’t have been so personal, then – why not?
    MrTrump is not going to be bullied, he fights back.
    What the MorningJoe group says about him every day (as reported) is mean-spirited and personally offensive. They take personal shots at him that make them sound like the Mean Girls of Junior Highschool everywhere.
    If they don’t like his agenda, or what his Cabinet is doing, they are free to comment their opinions, but when they say he is “insane, dictatorial”, or worse, then… look out.

    1. This.
      He is going 100% gloves off because that is the ONLY way to force the media to stop their relentless attacks on people. They destroy people and have attempted to destroy him forever. The media should NOT be doing what they are doing – attacking his eating habits, his wife, his kids, his skin color, etc. etc. etc. etc.

      They have insane double standards that cannot be allowed anymore. They have destroyed journalism and must be destroyed and the entire thing restarted.

    2. It’s personal and mean spirited, just like they treat him. Personally I find them disagreeable as people and never watch.

      OT Jason Chaffetz has been mentioned recently. Came in as a conservative, supported Egg McMuffin over Trump, decided to leave Congress and now has decided to join Fox News. So, I guess he won’t be living in the Congressional BOQ.

      Chaffetz has been a big disappointment. I hope he is replaced by a solid conservative, like David Brat. You guys in VA are lucky!

  2. I understand his frustration but he’s President now. Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t push back but when he goes that personal he just gives the people out to tear him down ammo to do keep doing just that.
    The news cycle today SHOULD be about the two bills coming out of the House regarding illegal aliens and sanctuary cities, healthcare etc but instead it will now be all about another off topic Trump Tweet.
    He just can’t help himself. Every time he starts to turn the corner and get some success and wind in the sails, he goes off half cocked and let’s his temper ruin the day. Sad

    1. “he just gives the people out to tear him down ammo to do keep doing just that.”

      I agree, but they’re going to do that no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

      Let the legislation roll and let the press scream about things that don’t matter.

      1. I heard Sara Huckabee defending Trump for the relentless crap he has taken. I think those two deserve it. It’s their MO. Mika is a shrill bitch btw.

        1. Don’t disagree with a word you and rest of the replies have said.
          It’s just that for me, while he may get a short high from the tactic of the attack, strategically it only elevates Joe and Mika to undeserved status and gives the rest of the MSM another reason not to cover the policy news that IS doing good.
          Whether we wanted it or not, those of us on the Constitutional conservative, Founding Father side of the aisle are at war with the DC elites and the media that supports them.
          Battles are won with tactics, but wars are won with strategy. By going so personal and petty, Trump sets back what otherwise would be a winning strategy.

  3. President Trump tells the truth. Why not tell on those social-climbing shallow people when they don’t hesitate to say hateful things about him?

    When people go after him unfairly, I want him to “punch back twice as hard” (as Glenn Reynolds says). “Nice” does not equal “Good”, and most of the time “nice” does not have anything to do with the truth either.

    1. They destroyed two marriages because of their affair–Mika’s and Joe’s. Mika was married to James Hoffer and has two children, and Joe was married to Susan Waren and has four children. Joe was previously married to Melanie Hinton, and so this is his third marriage.

  4. I don’t know…the MSM and Hollywood elite have done everything from calling him Hitler to calling his wife a whore to calling his son retarded. Can’t blame him one bit.

    1. There is a definite anti-Trump collusion between the MSM and the Democrat party and all its affiliates and fund raisers. The effect of that collusion and the language used to describe President Trump (as you note) and members of his family is to incite suggestible and psychologically unstable members of the violence-prone leftist element of our society to deliver great harm to the President and his supporters. The anti-Trumpers know exactly what the effect of their rhetoric can be. That’s their plan. We saw it in the recent attempted murder of Republicans on that baseball field recently.

  5. Icky and Dick take shots at Trump all the time — Icky delights in saying that he’s mentally “not well.” These people, like so many, loved Trump when they had hope of getting something out of him. Now they think they can play enemy as if the past never existed.

    Tweet on, Trump.

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