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Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 29, 2017

The briefing has been completed

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  1. Off topic : My husband is watching the FIFA Confederation Cup ( football, or soccer as you call it ) and I joined him watching some of tonights game ( Germany-Mexico ) . It is a big tournament, sort of a preparation for the big World Cup next year. And it all takes place in Russia. I don´t think that the McCain-Nuland team will succeed very well in demonizing Russia when many of the football fans in the world are travelling there , or watch TV, to see their favourite sport in well organized friendly games. And I noticed the ads in the rink, Russian Gazprom and Quatar Airways. An important reason for the war in Syria is said to be that Assad won´t let Quatar build their pipelines through Syria to Europe, it is instead its competitor Russia that gets to export gas to Europe. But here they are, side by side, in the rinks in Russia.

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