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Energy Secretary Perry Gets Into It With White House Reporter

Rick Perry went at it a bit with the latest media sensation to come out of the White House briefing. This guy is the White House reporter for Playboy, which is, you know, an odd title.

“Mr. President, thank you for this interview. Can you take your clothes off?”

Anyway, since an exchange earlier this week with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in which he inappropriately interrupted Sanders and spouted opinions and got into a shouting match with her — he doing all of the shouting — he’s been on Morning Joe, CNN etc.

Nevertheless, though Perry was mocking him, this guy actually had a good question, which evoked a fairly clear statement by Perry on his views about climate change.

7 thoughts on “Energy Secretary Perry Gets Into It With White House Reporter”

  1. “this guy had a good question”: No he didn’t. I respectfully disagree. That he even framed it in the form of a question is —-questionable. Perry mocked him? Not where I’m from.

  2. It seems that politicians from the SW states aren’t afraid to speak their minds or defend what they’re doing.
    Former AZ Gov was shaking her finger under Obama’s nose as she gave him a “what for” as they walked across the airport tarmac, and now Former TX Gov is showing the same resolve and attitude.
    OT: a little, not much
    Today’s reporters of the news should understand that an pushy, in-your-face, and hostile attitude isn’t going to win anything. They are rude and obnoxious in their interactions with the Trump people.

  3. I liked Perry’s response. I don’t think initially the reporter DID ask a question, he was making a statement. Glad that Perry answered the way he did. I might have gone farther (I think “climate change” is a bunch of hogwash, as was “global warming” when that was the catch phrase of the day). Thankfully Perry pointed out that the science is NOT settled. Of course, that never matters to the majority of the media.

    1. Well said, Sarah. I thought his response was sensible, in response to the somewhat non-sensible, non-question “question” from the so-called reporter.

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