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Video || Trump Meets With Cubs, Calls Schumer Unserious

President Trump Wednesday was asked about noises Senate Minority leadeer Chuck Schumer is making about negotiating on health care. Trump, a dealmaker who understands people, suggested Schumer had a long way to go to prove to him that he is serious.

And Trump is right. Schumer is just worried about accusations he’s hearing that Democratic, unlike Republicans when Obamacare was passed, don’t want to participate in the process. They’re not even pretending.

Democrats are demanding that the process not move too quickly, saying the bill is being jammed through. That’s true, but as Douglas Holtz-Eakin put it today in the Washington Post, “How much time do they need to vote no”?

So now, they’re pretending to want to talk. Schumer just doesn’t want to be accused of bad faith — the bad faith he possesses.

9 Responses to Video || Trump Meets With Cubs, Calls Schumer Unserious

  1. Serious, Schumer, doesn’t matter. Dems and the Repubs are both about to get schooled in how angry we are about this fiasco.
    Kill it. Destroy the whole thing. Repeal it ALL.
    Enact legislation that allows insurance companies to sell anywhere in the US, protect prior illnesses, then get out of the health insurance business.
    We don’t want single payer, we don’t want government drones deciding who we see, what happens to us, and what we will pay.
    Reverse the process, get a Time Machine if there is one. Kill the dang thing already.
    Quit pussy-footing around with “fixes”.

    • Yes, indeed! The Congress Creeps are all tangled up in their own torn up underwear, trying to do one-upmanship on each other, jockeying to see who’s going to be the hero in the story, speaking in Snark language about “the other side”, posturing with their toothy smiles for publicity photos, making weird faces at each other, throwing mud on the other guy. In other words, they are acting like third graders, and that’s why we don’t like them very much.

      Meanwhile, the ObamaCare mess continues.

      Remember that THEY exempted themselves from ObamaCare from Day One, so they don’t have a pony in this race. And, boy, they exempted themselves in one instant second–just like that. Boom. Exempted instantly (snapping my fingers). So, they have no sense of urgency, their wallets aren’t being emptied with healthcare premiums, and they certainly don’t have a viable plan to get rid of the current mess created in the household budgets of Americans by ObamaCare.

  2. As to the very strange Schumer, Trump was being very kind by describing him as “unserious”. It’s much worse than that, based on Schumer’s behavior over the years.

    Schumer is a fanatical lefty goofball, a dingbat, an empty suit with a loud mouth, a radical kook with a Black Belt in bull crap and a guy, btw, with a terrible hair transplant who thinks he’s very handsome and cool with a head of “hair” that makes it look like he’s wearing a piece of week-old lettuce on his head.

    That’s what he is. IMHO, of course.

    • Goofball. Dingbat? Gosh you men on here are afraid to tell it like it is…..Schumer is an evil SOB who would slice and dice you in a minute if given the opportunity! Get a grip

      • ;+}. Well, it’s true! Schumer always looks like a guy who’s trying to hide something from his parole officer, doesn’t he? He’s got that pop-eyed look of a guy who’s greatest aspiration in life is to be the doggone best used car salesman in town.