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Video by Remy || You Want People to Die!

Pretty funny. And right on point. Enjoy.

H/T ReasonTV.

3 Responses to Video by Remy || You Want People to Die!

  1. Here in NJ, lawmakers are aghast that Christie cut money for smoking cessation programs in the budget, and smoking has increased. People will die!

    The next day, these same hypocritical lawmakers are biding their time until Christie leaves office so they can hurriedly legalize marijuana and line their pockets with the tax revenue. Even though the American Lung Association says ingesting smoke from burning leaves into their lungs, no matter the leaf, is not good. Or that traffic accidents in states with legal weed are experiencing increased traffic accidents. People will die!

    But it’s okay because hypocritical lawmakers just want the votes from people who advocate for legalization.