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Trump to Visit France on Bastille Day

From the White House:

President Donald J. Trump has accepted French President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation to visit France on Bastille Day. President Trump looks forward to reaffirming America’s strong ties of friendship with France, to celebrating this important day with the French people, and to commemorating the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I. The two leaders will further build on the strong counter-terrorism cooperation and economic partnership between the two countries, and they will discuss many other issues of mutual concern.

I doubt the French want Trump around on Bastille Day. But, alors, c’est dommage – that’s too bad.

I suppose Macron is trying to give Trump some kind of honor by inviting him on Bastille Day, maybe to make up for pulling some macho crap and not letting go of his hand when they shook hands during Trump’s Europe trip this spring.

Not too excited about this, because Bastille Day is probably a day on which ISIS would love to pull some kind of stunt.

Anyway, please let it be true that Trump has been working out with handgrips and plans to squeeze Le Macron’s hand until he gets a grimace going on his face and possibly needs an orthopedist.

26 Responses to Trump to Visit France on Bastille Day

  1. France, July 14, Bastille Day. Why?
    Europe is a dangerous place to live, so why visit and put himself in harm’s way.
    Stay home here in the USA. Invite the Frenchman to visit Mar-a-Lago. Be safe.

    • Agree. Europe is a mess– security-wise, economically, politically, culturally. And, again, dangerous. Very sad state of affairs over there.

    • Good one Keith!
      I’m concerned about President Trump’s safety too. Personally, I had hoped to visit Europe after retirement but my desire has waned these past few violent years.

    • Oh, but I live here !
      There are still many nice places to visit and live in. Europe is fantastic , the rich culture, the history. Don´t be afraid to go here , terrorists may strike yes, but still, it is not that likely . We must learn to live with it, just like the Israelis did ( before the wall). But it is a mess right now, yes, agree, because of the migration and expanding Islam. And our welfare societies are exploited, drained and crumbling. A cold fury against the politicians are slowly rising. Why do these traitors want to transform our lovely Europe into The Third World ? We ought to study and learn what happened to Lebanon. What did the country look like before the Muslims arrived, and what does it look like now.

      • All of my ancestors are from Europe and I had hoped to visit there once.
        Germany, Italy, Poland, Syria, France are just places now.
        Be safe, S.Lady, we fear for all of Europe’s citizens safety.

        • Thank you, srdem, but I really hope you will visit anyway. You will love your ancestors old countries. Be prepared, attentive and go to the “right” places.

          • SWL, Many of us here are well traveled. Speaking for myself, until Europe cleans up its acts and refuses to live on the terrorists’ terms — which is be alert we are all over and you never know when we might pop up– I won’t be going there.

            And I am a first generation American of EE descent. I would feel safer in Eastern Europe than Western if I had a choice.

      • I know you live there.
        A mild comparison from my childhood: I lived in L.A. County, a suburb of mostly white middle class Christian families. I saw the 1966 Watts riot smoke rising in the distance. Just age 6… we stayed away. All those living there were not involved just nearby neighbors caught up sadly. I guess that is mild compared to the muslim invasion. It’s just an area we didn’t venture into. I know much of Europe is ok, but the reality of what is happening and possibilities of havoc have my hackles up.

        • I hear you, my excellent home town back in the day too. Last call was watching the Rodney King riot in 1993 and away we went. Miss my old So Cal sometimes but moved on.

          • Moved on to a beautiful island! California is a geographically beautiful state. I miss some things but not sitting in traffic for 2 hours getting to work AND another two hours getting home…sigh.

    • “Europe is a dangerous place to live, so why visit and put himself in harm’s way.”

      Because sometimes the savages need to see a middle finger extended, and we can go about our lives … including visiting France on Bastille Day.

  2. OT: Cong Chaffetz of Utah proposes a “housing allowance” for Congress because so many of them actually live in their offices in DC.
    After 200+ years of governing, it’s hard to believe that no one has suggested that Congressmen get together, buy a big old house or apartment building (as a co-op) so that they would have nice lodgings in DC.
    Not all 500+ would need to live in DC, but those who must surely would have found something better than hiding out inside their offices.
    The taxpayers have shelled out billions of dollars to build housing for Section 8 slackers across the country, so I’m OK building something for the members of Congress with our borrowed money, too.
    Slackers out there, slackers in DC – what’s the difference?

  3. So they are to “commemorate the 100th anniversary of Americas entry into World War 1” ? Really, why ? What if kings/emperors and politicians had stayed out of that meaningless slaughter instead. That would have been something to celebrate. Those responsible for that horrible war should have been dragged to a trial for crimes against humanity.

    • SWL. Since you feel this way why do you want the President to come to Europe at all, especially since many of us do not feel it is as safe as you do?

  4. From a security point of view not a good move.

    Believe it or not, Europe is more dangerous to Trump than our own home on the range where Dems take pot shots at Republicans on the baseball field.

  5. Don’t have the money to travel to Europe right now but if I did….I would certainly travel to countries like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic — those that are resisting the EU in taking Muslim “migrants”. Much safer, and plenty of history to be found in Warsaw, Budapest and Prague!