As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Drumbeat for Pelosi to Go Grows

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

8 Responses to Video || Drumbeat for Pelosi to Go Grows

  1. That’s right, Dems, kick that old White woman to the curb! Who does she think she is anyway?
    While you’re at it, drum all the pro-lifers out and refuse to acknowledge that illegal aliens are criminals.
    The Dems still don’t have a clue. They think ridding the old leadership to install some youngsters who think the same will make a difference in a group that has nothing to offer anyone and excludes half of America.

  2. No, no! Keep Pelosi just where she is–we want her speaking publicly 24/7 on any and all issues. She is the hemlock the Democrats have brewed for themselves. Let them drink their own hemlock.

    • Exactly. Pelosi is great for the Republicans and really really bad for the Democrats.

      The President has given the Democrats and the Left lots and lots of rope. And they are using it with gusto. Donald Trump has them in a tizzy. Meanwhile he moves forward with his agenda where he can.

      The Republican elite should be fired, muted, disempowered, or just ignored.

      Still waiting for Trump to get that Wray FBI nomination moving.

  3. OT Here is an interesting statement about Obamacare by Mike Lee. What it will take for him to sign on.

    What is interesting about this is the simple understandable way he presents the evolution of what the GOP has presented since Trump Admin.

    And also Lee’s proposal that American’s be able to opt out and sign up for any health insurane they like. It’s a start and a push back on single payer.

  4. Perhaps Pelosi’s plastic face and brain will melt into the sidewalk in the intense heat of San Francisco and from her colleagues! Remember the “wicked witch” in “Wizard of Oz?”
    Or perhaps the straw man who said, “If I only had a brain?” Such is the way of the leftists who have been placed on display and used by those who want to appear smarter than the Speaker of the House and the leader in the Senate!