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CNN’s Jim Acosta Interrupts Other Reporters, Demanding On-Camera Briefings

I get why a TV person wants on-camera briefings. He does TV.

And there is some reason to want these things televised. It gives Americans a chance to see the White House taking questions and being held to account. And the presence of cameras does inspire reporters to get more aggressive.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is hopping mad. Like, I think he was actually hopping.

On the other hand, TV does inspire lots of reporters, both TV and otherwise, to preen for the cameras and ask questions whose main function is to hear themselves talk and to get on TV. And if White House reporters need a camera to inspire them to push the White House for answers, then that’s a problem, and they’re not doing their job.

And I’ve noticed over the years that when the cameras are off the questions tend to be more focused on policy, and less on scandal, politics, and a desire for confrontation for its own sake.

And, hey, I don’t remember any of the TV reporters complaining on behalf of print reporters when, under previous administrations, they hogged the briefing. People like David Gregory and Martha Raddatz seemed to think the briefing was being held exclusively for them.

What Spicer is doing is hardly a scandal. I mean, he’s still taking questions.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, yes, it still makes a noise. And if a press secretary answers a question without a TV camera present, yes, he still answered a question.

Once, the White House did both an off-camera gaggle and an on-camera briefing, every day, but the Bush administration eliminated the morning gaggle.

Bring it back.

9 Responses to CNN’s Jim Acosta Interrupts Other Reporters, Demanding On-Camera Briefings

  1. Political junkies like to watch the TV’d briefings, but the rest of America doesn’t care or even know such things happen.
    Those who cover the briefings, no matter what their affiliation, should be close to anonymous and not TV “stars”.
    IMO, CNN is more of an opinion factory than a news organization today. They lost their way a few years ago and are now thrashing about trying to look and sound important.

    • CNN is in deep trouble with their story on a Trump associate and Russia. Three CNNers have resigned.

      Have a morning gaggle period. If news breaks, the reporters can hustle over and there can be a press conference.

      I am loving the Acosta meltdown.

  2. thanks for the clip… and your comments. I believe Trump has gotten under medias skin again (repeatedly). I believe the media is attempting to goad Spicer to get him upset and look bad (which will allow them to skewer in opinion / talking heads / social media. It helps to have the video and short snippets in video, not so much the sound bite…

  3. This is a step closer….just closer… to what the Founders wanted. The Founders did not want Assault Weapons — the 2nd Amendment was written with muskets in mind.

    And now… TV is banned… the Founders did write the 1st Amendment with TV in mind. The next logical step is to get rid of recordings and only allow Ben Franklin types (print only — no internet) and we will be there.

    Thank you liberals for helping me understand your logic.

  4. Do we no longer have any real news? Seems that the mainstream reporters are simply out for their own glory and to beat down this president no matter what, thinking they are immune to any criticism–perhaps they should be more aware of history and their vanished role!

    • Far too often, news reporting is conducted and managed by editors and reporters as a soap opera–all for ratings and higher ad revenues. It’s no more complicated than that. “Trump’s Policies Will Kill All Americans By Friday: See Film At 11!” That sort of thing. It’s the case for the Podunk Times and it’s the case for the New York Times, and everything in between.

      It’s always been that way. It’s nothing new. Partisan interests have always influenced the editorial policies of newspapers, as they now do all other forms of media. When media people say, “We publish/broadcast only the truth because we practice objective news reporting, not like our lying, no-good competition across town, so buy OUR newspaper and watch OUR television news”, we all know they are full of it, no matter which side of the political spectrum they make their beds. If you read the newspapers published in the 18th and 19th century in this country, you’ll read stories describing how bad “members of the other political party” are and how they should be tried for treason for supporting (or not supporting) the War of Independence against the King of England, etc.

      There’s nothing new under the sun, journalistically-speaking. Read all news reports with a great deal of skepticism and a firm jaw. Find a journalist or a newspaper or a news show you truly trust based on their past performance, and stick with them. Throw the rest of them in the garbage can. Life’s too short to have to deal with the dishonest ones.

  5. He’s resisting the downward spiral of irrelevancy he is becoming. He succeeded in making the story about him, and taking time away from other legitimate reporters. Hopefully, he’ll slowly disappear along with his whining.

  6. I watched a segment last night with him and Don Lemon and it was as hilarious as it was disgusting.
    The preening, the posturing was beyond over the top. It was “the press must stand together, if you ALL just turned your cameras on at the same time, this is anti American”.
    Americans with working brains see through it, but will millions of brain dead voters out there lapping this stuff up like it was Skittles Kool Aid the Acosta/CNN types are doing the Republic far more harm than Trump/Spicer ever could.