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Sanders: Obamacare has Problems; Single-Payer is the Way To Go

When Obamacare was being passed, some conservatives said darkly that it was just a stalking horse for the Democrats’ Holy Grail, a single-payer program, through which the government provides health care for all.

These conservatives said Obamacare wasn’t workable, that Democrats knew it, and that once it failed, they would be calling for single-payer in order to fix it.

Was there a master plan? Probably in the minds of some of the more sophisticated players. And at the very least, many Democrats figured they had single payer in their back pocket, knowing that once health care was considered a “right” by more people and the free-market option for fixing Obamacare was throwing people off of the private insurance rolls, government health care would look more appealing.

Well. Here’s Bernie from Sunday.

The Affordable Care Act has problems — deductibles are too high, copayments are too high — we have to address that. But I also want to say, that there’s something wrong when we remain the only country not to guarantee health care to all people as a right. I am going to go forward with a Medicare-for-all single payer program, and I think that’s the direction, long term, that we should be going.

True, Sanders has supported single-payer for some time and hasn’t been deceptive or even bashful about it. But if Republicans fail to pass some kind of “Obamacare repeal,” Democrats will increasingly be popping up on your Sunday morning news shows linking Obamacare problems and a future move toward single-payer.

It’s a classic, time-honored and, unfortunately, proven liberal strategy. Give people benefits, get them hooked, and then offer them more. Certainly don’t take any goodies away.

According to a Pew poll released Friday, the number of people in March 2014 who supported a “single national government program” stood at 21 percent. Today, it is 33 percent, an increase of 57 percent.

And tomorrow? If Republicans don’t put the gears in reverse, “progress” will continue.

17 Responses to Sanders: Obamacare has Problems; Single-Payer is the Way To Go

  1. Well, it looks like the Sanders couple have a lot more to worry about than ObamaCare. The FBI is hot on their trail for financial fraud. How very strange that Bernie wasn’t asked a single question about the criminal investigation on the Sunday “news” shows. Sure.

    “The FBI Is Investigating Sketchy Land Deal Led By Bernie Sanders’ Wife”

      • Yep, it is. Now we’ll see how corrupt he corporate really is, as they try to provide cover for him. Just imagine, if Bernie was a Republican! It would be a nonstop barrage from the media about how Bernie has to be investigated and found guilty.

  2. I read over here that the Trump White House will stop the tradition of celebrating Ramadan. Excellent ! Please write about it, Keith.
    Imagine, this Ramadan celebration has been going on for 20 years,at the same time as various governments have claimed they fought a war against terrorism ( = Islamism ). Obama was a very enthusiastic Ramadan-ist. Finally, end of hypocrisy, thanks President Trump.Maybe other Western leaders will stop their Islam-fawning too.

  3. My 89 yr old mom recently passed. Medicare & supplement denied payment for inpatient hospital as not medically necessary. She kept falling, her glucose & hypertension were off the charts high. Then the rehab basically kicked her out. She was worse than when she went in. She went to hospice, which WAS approved & passed away 8 hours later.
    This is the new Medicare, she was no longer a viable person, it’s not quite death panels, but is related to 0care changes to Medicare.

    • Condolences, Zephyr. My parents died younger, many years ago now. I often wonder just what they would make of today’s world. I think they would be appalled at the lack of personal responsibility, etc. in our society today. My dad was a died-in-the wool Republican; my mom was a Democrat (this came out after he passed; otherwise, she always voted his way). Even my mom would be aghast at today’s Democratic party.

    • My 89 year old dad fell and broke his ankle, which required a plate and pins to repair. He was expected to go home after five days in the hospital even though he could not put weight on his leg, and my 86 year old mom could not help him. Medicare turned down a rehab facility for him to recover. Luckily my attorney brother appealed the decision and won seven days in rehab–only because of Dad’s low blood pressure.

      Every seven days, the facility has to justify to Medicare why he should not be sent home.

      So far, he has been able to stay. We don’t know how they will deal with this when they say no.

      Medicare knows best. It’s rationing, no matter what you may want to call it.

      God help us as we age in this crazy country. Death panels will become the norm.

      And single payer system is better why?

  4. Medicare will be a nightmare. The people clamoring for single payer won’t be able to pay the deductible for each hospital admission if they can get approved. Finding doctors willing to accept it if you have no gap insurance will not be fun.

  5. A pox on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The only thing to do is Repeal Obamacare and start again.

    Something they should have done in the last eight years. Essentially the Republican party has lied about their work on Obamacare and they should be called out as such. Liars and supporters of Single Payers.

    For everyone but themselves, of course. They are a sorry lot this McConnell/Ryan clique.

    Bernie Sanders is just another old man sucking on the teat of the government.

  6. Well, Uncle Bernie is an admitted COMMUNIST. It’s no wonder he has this viewpoint. HE would rejoice if the USA went full blown communist. Evidently, he is not a student of history, or he would not hold up communism (an ideology that is responsible for the murder by democide of 100’s of millions of people over the last century) as a shining example of how to organize a nation.