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Trump to Pelosi: I Like You Right Where You Are

President Trump Friday said it would be a very sad thing for Republicans if Nancy Pelosi steps down, given that Republicans keep winning elections with her in charge of House Democrats

“I hope she doesn’t step down. I think that it would be a very, very sad for Republicans if she steps down,” Trump told Fox News. “I’d be very, very disappointed if she did. I’d like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her.”

While Republicans are going to have to work on passing their own agenda and Trump needs to raise his own approval ratings in order for them to hold onto Congress in 2018, Pelosi is certainly a big help. She has become such an inviting target, even more so with Hillary Clinton fading from the scene, or at least fading from relevance.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is equally annoying, at least in my view, but hasn’t yet caught on as a bogeyman in the way the Pelosi has.

Here’s a nice video of a Republican taking down Schumer.

8 Responses to Trump to Pelosi: I Like You Right Where You Are

  1. She really needs to audition for the “Walking Dead”, she’s got the look down cold. Her self description calling herself a ‘master legislator’ was sickening. Craven liar and manipulating gasbag is more what comes to mind.

  2. True competitors love the challenge and don’t mind a victory lap either. Better that than a leader who cowers in the corner and prefers a back seat on global affairs.

  3. Holy Molly, the War on Women rears it’s head at the Dem party!
    This is so, so sweet to watch.
    Go ahead Dems, oust the wicked witch of the West, send her to the woods with Hillary, tromp on them all.
    We know someone with a binder full of women leaders you could borrow. lol.

  4. Good on Cotton. And thank God for him because there are very few Repukelicans who stand up for anything.

    As for holding up appointments. This is BS. What is this “pay back”? School boy stuff? Obama had most of his essential cabinet on the day he was inaugurated.

    McConnell has ways and means to get around this hold up and he should invoke them. The President is at fault also for not yet formally putting Wray up for confirmation. So he needs to do that ASAP. It will be a year before the Democrats let that go.

    By that time Mueller will have weaseled his way in to Directorship and there will be no need.

  5. Good for Trump. It is funny and true.

    Tweet away. The R’s are doing nothing except collecting a paycheck and preparing for vacation.

    The Healthcare bill is a joke and shows how unserious this Congress is. Make them use Obamacare in any of its variations and see how quickly it would be repealed.

  6. I love the way Donald Trump loves a victory and does not hesitate to proclaim the news. I am more modest myself and tend to prepare for the inevitable defeat, therefore not feeling secure in any victory. I appreciate his unabashed pleasure in being on top and winning.

  7. President Trump is absolutely on the mark. Pelosi and Schumer need to stay on the job, speak out as often as possible, make more speeches, get on television as much as possible. By doing so, they will demonstrate to more and more citizens what destructive, political morons they are. Is there a fund we an contribute to make sure they keep running their mouths? ;+}