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Trump Says he did not Tape Comey

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that he did not tape his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.

12 thoughts on “Trump Says he did not Tape Comey”

  1. IMHO The FBI is a corrupt arm of the Democrat Party. Today they reported (despite a list and other writings of targets) that Scalise (and others) terrorist did not have any targets. It was moreorless a random shooting. this is absurd.

    Judiciary Committee has oversight over the FBI. No one is doing anything about the out of control FBI, but this is an isolated report. It is manageable. So, call them and bring this particular report to their attention and ask them to review it. 202 224 5225

    If DOJ will not manage the FBI then this is the next best hope.

  2. This is so much fun! How clever!
    My President just threw the ball b ack into his opponent’s court, daring them to produce their illegal intercept of conversations in the WhiteHouse or eat dirt.
    He didn’t say there is no recording, but that HE doesn’t have it, didn’t order it.
    ooooh, his opponents are grinding their teeth on this…

    1. srdem65 A comment you might like:

      I love when Trump does this stuff. It’s so. . . covfefe. That little word had the media spinning for a week. And they keep failing to notice how hard they’re being trolled.

    2. Trump is playing them all like the fools they are. He’s miles ahead of them, and when the mood strikes him, he throws them what they think is a little bone, but when they pick it up, they realize (too late) that’s it’s a firecracker. What idiots they are. And in full public view.

  3. “Well, you were lookin’ for that third three, but you forgot that Professor Green folded on Fourth Street and now you’re representing that you have it. The DA made his two pair, but he knows they’re no good. Judge Kaplan was trying to squeeze out a diamond flush but he came up short and Mr. Eisen is futilely hoping that his queens are going to stand up. So like I said, the Dean’s bet is $20.”
    –Mike McDermott (Matt Damon), “Rounders” (John Dahl, 1998)

  4. Seems the “Potomac Pirates” and the “Beltway Bandits” continue to gang bang each other. As it happens in drive-by shootings, sometimes innocent citizens get caught in the crossfire. That be us. These highly educated gangs in suits fight over the District’s indebted territory. Why I don’t know. All that is there is a tub full of I O U’s

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