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Carly Fiorina: Yeah, I Might Run Again

Carly Fiorina, who didn’t come close to getting the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, says she might try again.

She spoke Thursday with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business News:

Well, we’ll see. Look, it was a privilege to run for president. I do believe in a citizen government. I think we need more citizens to step up and run for public office and so I certainly would consider it but you know you have to have the right context, the right opportunity, so we’ll see. I will remain politically engaged for sure.

Seriously, why do they all have to talk like this? “Citizens government,” blah blah blah blah. I’d feel better if she’d just say,

I’d feel better if she’d just say, I want power, dammit, and I didn’t get it last time, and I’m gonna try again. And by the way, screw you. Or at least, I think I would be the most effective person to . . . and then add whatever she wants to do. Although she may not know what she wants to do. Which leads us back to the first statement I suggested.

Doesn’t she understand that Trump got elected because he wasn’t making people keel over listening to platitudes?

Anyway, she got fired as CEO of HP, and failing your way upward is always a good way to advance in Washington, so maybe she has a chance.

12 Responses to Carly Fiorina: Yeah, I Might Run Again

  1. We liked Carly, but not as much as we luvved Trump.
    My advice (as if she would ask); move out of California. Go to Nebraska, Tennessee, or any state where she might have a chance to run for office. She has no future in CA. She has no chance of being POTUS. Pick a governorship or senate seat, be content with it.
    Or, just retire to a private life.

  2. Well, this is not very unexpected…consider the odd balls that are poised to run on the left…hands down we would pull the lever for Carly.

    Not my first choice, but she did add to the process. Agree that she should move out of California.


  3. Just goes to prove that, for some people, politics is like cocaine. Once you get a taste of the roar of the crowd, you can’t break the habit. You want more.

    • That is a good way to put it Marcus.

      It is either that or else she is easily led, as Hillary is, and willing to give in to the people who urge them to “run again”. I’m sure there are NeverTrumpers out there who still think those old candidates just need better name recognition “this time”.

      • Yep. Too many politicians are desperate for some sort of affirmation, never-ending “atta-boys”, a taste for power over the lives of others, etc. They surround themselves with rump swabbers who tell them all day long how wonderful, smart and dedicated they are, feed their weak egos 24/7, stroke them, whisper all day long about how those who oppose them are deplorable, etc. That’s a very sick personality. Obama, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi are textbook examples. So all that stuff becomes part of the “cocaine” hit these politicians get hooked on, so to speak, for certain types of politicians.

  4. I liked Carly for a while, even met her. We were all so angry and so was she. Then the more I watched her the more I realized she’s always angry. I began to understand why Trump said ‘Look at that face’. It wasn’t because of her looks, it was because she is angry & her face shows it. When she speaks she is angry. She doesn’t support our President and because of that, she can’t be trusted. Its like a mission for her, like being the first female astronaut to land on the moon or something. Thats the impression I get. I do like her conservative views though.

    • Yes, it comes down to temperament again. She’s conservative, more or less, and probably bright and all that. But it’s the temperament piece that ties all that together, that allows a consistent, coherent, keep-your-eye-on-the-ball administrative style. She does seem to be angry and desperate much of the time and that’s not enough to sustain her in the hot house atmosphere of Washington politics.