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Sorry, But Tuesday Night Was NOT a Good Night for Republicans

Politics is not really about winning or losing. Politics is about the number of votes you get. And if you get enough votes, you happen to win. And that means something. But if you get many more votes than you were expected to get and you still lose, it is also very meaningful.

Governing is about winning and losing. If you win enough elections, you can govern. But politics is about votes.

That’s why Tuesday night was bad news for the Republicans.

In the contest to replace former GOP Rep. Tom Price in Georgia’s Sixth District, Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Osoff by a surprisingly “comfortable” margin of four points, 52 percent to 48 percent. President Trump and Republicans are celebrating. What they are not telling you is that in November, just eight months ago, the Republican Price won the seat by 24 points.

That Osoff lost is not especially good news for the GOP. It’s merely the avoidance of a catastrophe. There are many seats where the 2016 margin was much closer that the GOP will have to defend in 2018.

Meantime, in a contest to replace former Republican Rep. Mick Mulvaney in South Carolina’s Fifth District, a Republican candidate who aligned himself with Trump won by three points, 51 to 48 percent. In November, Trump had won the district by 18 points and Mulvaney had taken it by 20.

People are talking about how Democrats need to change their approach, but Republicans need to do so even more urgently. Trump needs to discipline himself, which he appears to be doing more of, and do a better job of touting his accomplishments and program, like he did during the campaign.

But more crucially, Republicans in Congress need to start adopting his agenda. They’re so frightened of Democratic talking points and the possibility that someone won’t like them that they are failing to deliver on the stuff, like repealing Obamacare, that they’ve been promising for years.

But more crucially, Republicans in Congress need to start adopting his agenda. They’re so frightened of Democratic talking points, GOP consultants’ focus groups, and the possibility that someone won’t like them, that they are failing to deliver on the stuff, like repealing Obamacare, that they’ve been promising to do for years. And for which they were able to get enough votes to put them in the position of governing.

So they should try governing, and then the politics will take care of itself.

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  1. Still – it’s a very visible win because the media overplayed the “importance” with much ballyhooing. How about we know and agree with everything you wrote, but we keep it to ourselves? lol

    • Good comment. We need to talk about the Trump wins and agenda not the slime the Demorats throw against the wall.

      Do it now! Rush and Hannity are you listening????

      • “Republicans are afraid of Democratic talking points…”

        ~very true…this bunch of Republicans in this cesspool of the US Congress are COWARDS…REPUBLICANS WON IN 2016! SO LEAD!! and crush these god-damn Democratic-socialists who are ruining the USA!!!

  2. The Repubs were given a gift from God — Trump — and they aren’t wise enough to be more like him and less like what they usually peddle.

    The party is throwing away its chance to move into the leadership position over the Dems.

  3. Good morning to you, Mr Buzzkill. haramph.
    A win is a win.
    Perhaps MsHandel wasn’t the most desirable candidate, maybe the Dems tried to make up for 2016 losses, maybe she won because her opponent was a dud.

  4. We live in the North Georgia mountains and are thrilled we won’t be seeing pajama boy ads every time we turn on the “city ” news. Give us a day to enjoy this please!

  5. Great idea for the Republican powers that be be. Quit listening to the political consultants, experts, and whoever else they find. These ppl are erong. Get on board with Trips agenda, make things better for working ppl, and you’re next election will take care of itself. Quit playing not to lise, but to win.

  6. Trump’s election, followed by the continued beatdown of Democrats, despite the best efforts of Hollyweird, and the press, reminds me of ‘The Matrix’, and the public, like Neo, realize “there is no spoon”, and the Dems, the media, movie and rock stars, have no power over them.

    Now, if only the establishment Republicans would take the red pill…

  7. You could not be more wrong about the election results. Price never had $50 million plus spent against him, with all of Hollywood and Silicon Valley out to destroy him. These were both big wins, as you could tell by looking at the faces of Bash, Lemon, Borger and crew.

    • They were indeed big wins. Isn’t it interesting how Georgians in the Sixth District didn’t listen to the likes of Alyssa Milano, Sarah Silverman, Debra Messing, and Samuel L. Jackson.

      The Dems learned nothing from the 2016 campaign.

      • Good points. She was slammed unlike previous election. Dems came out of woodwork to make a point and got squished.
        Visited US house of Representatives yesterday and all I could do not to storm speaker Ryan’s office and give him a courage pill.

  8. It would really help a lot if the GOP whiners would just forget about DT’s lack of exquisite, tony mannerisms (like they all THINK they have), and get on board.
    They don’t have to agree with everything he says or does, but they do have to present a united front and they do need to support him.
    They also need to stop all the Russia nonsense. There is no there, there. This is just feeding the Democrats.
    Sticking together is something the Democrats do very well. The GOP needs to take that page out of the Dem playbook.

  9. Are we supposed to take this article seriously ? The Democrats spendt enough money on this campaign to find 20 run-of-the-mill campaigns for a congrssionap seat and still couldn’t win. Nice spin. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid .

  10. Hmm, “Republicans” should try governing? Is this because the others are so hard at work? Here’s a different concept:
    All parties need to do their jobs. All media needs to return to impartial, unbiased reporting, not rumor mongering, innuendo, and vicious, shameful rhetoric. Celebrities need to return to their jobs, which is entertaining and NOT opining.
    It’s a bad case of too many people with too much money and time on their hands. People who actually believe their thoughts have more weight than ours.

  11. While you work hard to tear defeat from the jaws of victory, let’s not forget that the resources devoted to beating this unknown, non-incumbent newcomer made it the most costly loss of a congressional seat EVER. When they throw that kind of money at a district and still can’t win, it’s significant.

  12. Well, yes, it was a big win, given the enormous help the media, the donors, the elitists, etc. gave to Ossoff. To underestimate the whupping Handel’s victory gave to Ossoff is sorta like saying that just because David killed Goliath with only one stone from his sling it, therefore, “wasn’t a big deal”. Goliath was still dead–from one stone or 30 stones. There Goliath was, lying there in a heap, quickly reaching room temperature. Just like Ossoff’s election campaign. ;+}

  13. Good grief! It looks like Putin used chem trails to seed the clouds and release a chemical over Atlanta yesterday which forced voters to vote for Handel! That’s why Ossoff lost! That Putin’s interfering with our elections again! We want a full scale Congressional investigation!

  14. I disagree. Price held the seat for 10+ years. Of course he won handily. He also did not have millions of California dollars thrown against him, the left knew they could not beat him so they let it go.
    With Handel they saw an opening and threw everything they had – and I do mean everything including trying to get voters who were not part of the district in to vote.
    The fact is, up until they announced that Handel was the winner the polls had this thing neck and neck, see-sawing back and forth all night when in reality it was never that close. The media just wanted everyone to think that in hopes that some (R)s would stay home and not bother.

  15. I disagree only because of the amount of money the Dems threw at the race…they outspent the Rep’s by a third. The only effect it had on the Rep’s was to force them to throw more money at the race than they should have.

  16. Stick it in your ear, Keith Koffler! We don’t need your pessimism, your betrayal, or your distorted opinions. You clearly have one foot in the enemy camp.

      • Keith — I love Trumpbots and consider that I, too, have about reached that point after starting from ab-so-frikking-lutely-NOT. But your analysis was, in my opinion, bang on the money, the lady Pearl notwithstanding. It’s the GOPe in Congress we voters are ready to cashier and they damn well better get off their butts and get moving on the president’s — on OUR — agenda.

    • Come on, Pearl. That’s unfair. Keith has his opinions just as we have ours. He has a right to express them without being insulted, demeaned or accused of having a foot in the enemy camp, just as you do. He’s a decent, fair and thoughtful guy and calls ’em as he sees ’em, just as we do. And that’s OK.

  17. I agree with you Keith. Overall candidates and the GOPe have to start running on and supporting the President’s agenda. If the GOPe loses the House (unlikely) that is on them.

    The win margins, in comparison, were small. And the Republicans did spend too much money. But this is kind of understandable considering the huge financial dump on the Democrat side.

    I don’t really know anything about Handel. But I did get an elect Karen email from Mittens Romney. That would have caused me to stop and investigate her more thoroughly.

    OTH, it was a big psychological loss for the Dems and win for the GOP. So, I’ll take it.

    OT Remember Omarossa Whatshername from the Apprentice? She is now some grand poobah assistant to the President. Reading an invite she issued to the worthless CBC I see that she is now referred to as The Honorable. A small, but not so subtle indication, that our government considers itself “above” and “apart”. They should all wear those little British barrister wigs.

  18. KK — I don’t disagree with your conclusions as to what the Republicans need to do ahead of ’18 if they intend to keep the House majority. But in the matter of Handel’s four-percent margin of victory versus Tom Price’s 26 points, there’s a matter of familiarity. Price has been GA-6’s House rep since 2005 — six terms — and before that had been a GA state senator for eight years before that. Handel, on the other hand, spent the last three years as GA secretary of state, not exactly a high-profile job when you’re trying to replace a familiar, well-liked district rep. To my mind, clearly, Handel had an ID hill to climb to beat a glib, well-funded candidate riding a wave of hysterical media hype. Given that all politics really is local, I think Handel did quite well considering, and a four point margin was a decent showing.

  19. One more occasion upon which the pathetic left can go around banging their heads. They seem to have an infinite amount of credence to give to what is ultimately fantasy. Love it.