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Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Rating Still Stuck in Toilet

Nobody likes a sore loser.

That’s why, despite the lousy polls her former opponent, President Trump, is getting, and despite not running for anything, Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating remains about where it has been since the presidential race began, currently just 41 percent, according to Gallup.

No, she’s not going to be leading the resistance, or reviving her campaign in 2020. Even Bill Clinton’s favorability was only 50 percent in November 2016, which is very unusual for a president who has been out of office for so long. So he doesn’t help.

But her potential opponents in the geriatric primary for the 2020 Democratic nomination are faring much better. Joe Biden’ Gallup favorability rating is at 61 percent, higher than any time when he was vice president. He’s got to be considering his options.

And Bernie Sanders is at 56 percent. What else does he have to do but run again? At 78, he’ll still be younger than . . . well . . . Methuselah when he ran for president.

Okay, whatever.


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4 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Rating Still Stuck in Toilet

  1. Favorability, for what purpose?
    The percentages of traditional polling companies haven’t been on the mark for years, and this particular polling is suspect. If the polls were anywhere near actual opinions, Hillary would be POTUS, but she’s not.
    Good grief, can’t the Clintons just gracefully retire from the public scene, or is it just too hard to step into the shadows?

    • Can’t we just ignore them now?
      And Chelsea too?
      Go away, for crying out loud.
      This is embarrassing for them.
      I know she doesn’t see it, but shouldn’t her friends step in for an intervention?