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Costa: Russia Issue Not Resonating With GOP Suburban Voters

This tracks with what I’m hearing, including comments from you, my readers. At least on the Republican side, voters don’t care about the Russia investigation because they know that, at least so far, there’s not much to it.

While our heads are exploding and depositing icky brain matter all around the Beltway, Americans are going about their business. And if they think President Trump is making things better for business, then that’s what they’re going to care about.

14 Responses to Costa: Russia Issue Not Resonating With GOP Suburban Voters

  1. Yep, that’s it. While the Beltway bickerers squabble over Russia, Rubio’s non hug from Ivanka and any other distraction that will derail this administration, Americans go to work, pay their bills and are starting to notice a few things: Business is slowly coming back, housing is up, their 401k is looking sweeter. If Trump can fix the tax structure and tangle safely with the ACA, he is a winner. Plus, most Americans like a bit of bravado in their leader when it comes to world politics. The hard left are still crying foul over the election, and most folks are just tired of hearing it…even part of the media.


  2. Yes, most of the MSM just doesn’t get it – they are part and parcel of the Democrats/liberals and they do not understand that vast segments of the American public refuse to be dictated to as regards who they should vote for, what they should believe, etc.

  3. It’s not only that people think helping businesses is important, it’s that sensible people recognize that this Russia stuff is a hollow puff of verbage. They dislike seeing $ spent to investigate nothing.

  4. The violent swing to the left by the democrats is proving to be the wrong move.
    Most people in this country and especially fly over country are in the center of the spectrum, if not center right.
    Trump gave the folks out there just trying to make a living a voice and they are using it.
    For far too long it has been silenced or ignored.
    Silenced and ignored no longer as we have hit our stride to MAGA.

    Reminder,…..Trump rally tonight in Iowa 8:00 EDT.

  5. If it wasn’t for the MSM being 95% liberal the hard left liberals that have hijacked the Democrat party would have to behave like the minority they truly are.
    Without the media megaphone making them appear more numerous than they actually are we wouldn’t have half the division and problems we have now. IMHO of course. :)

    • Yep, the media megaphone.
      The constant negative press, the polls that show what they want us to believe, and the touting of Dem prattle is not working.
      Thank goodness for the internet – social media, et al.
      We don’t need the MSM, they need us and we don’t like them at all.

    • For sure. The current Democrat party’s gaggle of misfits, eccentrics, flakes and dingbats is no longer a viable political party. They are sworn members of a cult, desperate fanatics to the end, as members of cults often are. They’ve lost the Presidency, the Congress most of State legislatures and governorships. As goofy and inept as Republican leadership is, Democratic leadership is acting like the musical band on the sinking Titanic which played their little hearts out until the ship went down. Their ship is sinking fast.

  6. Right on. As a suburban voter, 260 miles outside the Beltway, I tuned out the Russia stuff long ago. Far more concerned about health care, tax reform, immigration, etc. Frustrated that all these distractions take away from these issues, but am confident this country is moving in the “right” direction under Trump’s leadership!!

  7. Mueller needs to resign. Rosenstein needs to be terminated. Not sure about McCabe, but isn’t he the one with the wife who has received a lot of Democrat money.

    Wray needs to be confirmed. God only knows where McConnell has stuffed him, but we need to get that man in office and the FBI has to be brought to heel.

    In addition to the Mueller witch hunt, the Senate has something like 7 investigations Trump Administration/Trump investigations.

    If you want to know how worthless those committees are consider the fact that the newly elected potty mouth Kamala Harris somehow found her way to sit on Intell (if not the committee,then a sub).