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Trump Schedule || Wednesday, June 21, 2017

President Trump today will travel to Cedar Rapids Iowa, according to reports. First, he’ll stop at Kirkwood Community College where he will make remarks on Agriculture. Then he will stage a political Make America Great Again rally before returning to Washington.

13 Responses to Trump Schedule || Wednesday, June 21, 2017

  1. Whoo Hoo! MAGA! Dems throw millions and millions into a little election and LOSE!
    Na na, na na NAH na, hey, HEY Hey, goodbye!

    Congrats to MsHandel.

    • Yup, and after burning through all that lucre, Ossoff’s campaign HQ went with–you ready for this?–a cash bar on Election Night.

      So now he’ll roll up his carpet bag, and his supporters can drown their sorrows on their own dime.

      That sounds metaphorical, somehow.

    • Yep, And weren’t Democrats running up and down the village square for days yelling that this election would be a referendum, no less, on Trump’s presidency. Apparently, it was.

    • Oh, yes, he will.
      Now that it’s over: The question of why the Dems couldn’t find a single Dem who actually lived in the area to run in this election. Maybe someone with some experience, some connection to the people there or just not a ‘pajama boy’ outsider.
      The millions of wasted dollars on a candidate that was wrong from the get-go makes all of us wonder what the Dems are thinking as 2018 comes up.
      The anti-Trump crowd made this special election something it wasn’t – a comment on Trump’s support.
      The Dems have to be tired of losing time after time.
      We’re not tired of winning yet, so it’s okay if they want to waste time and money on loser candidates. Go Dems.

      • So if the Dem’s are smart, a big if, tonight they should have learned that hate, lies, distortions, character assassination, smears and innuendo toward their political opponents, Republican’s, is not a platform to run on.
        Kamlia Harris PLEASE run in 2020

  2. With Karen Handel’s win, the Republicans are four for four in recent special elections. The Democrats can’t figure out what’s happening as they continue down the path to irrelevance. No Presidency, no House, no Senate and only 15 or so State legislatures, and only about 15 State governors for them anymore. Way to go Democrats. Maybe it’s the global warming thing causing them to be the biggest political losers in 50 years. Yea, that’s the ticket.

  3. So there we have it. For many years the papers, media of all sorts was the avenue to get your name and message out. But now the time has flipped. Since media has lost almost all of its credibility, any story in the news is up for major doubt. Social unrest, anxiety, civil distrust of government, institutions, bureaucrats, elected officials is reaching a new high. What we see is the Pirates of the Potomac and the Beltway Bandits continuing their rape of the nation.

    • Yes indeed. There is an enormous tide rising, and the old ways, the fascist element of the Democrat party, the North Korean-style corporate media we have in the US, all the “smart folks” and college “perfessers” who are telling us how stupid and deplorable the rest of us are, all the mockers, deceivers, Alinskyites and liars in Washington, well they’re all drowning in that rising tide. That’s what the gurgle and splashing sounds we’ve been hearing from the Democrats is all about.

      We could probably explain to the Democrats why they keep losing elections at every level of government, but let’s not. It’s too much fun watching them flailing around in the pool and amusing the crowd.