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Spicer Doesn’t Quite Say that Trump Has Confidence in Rosenstein

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Monday gave an unusual answer when asked if President Trump had confidence in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, offering up instead a meaningless statement that the president has confidence in everyone who works for him.

First of all, that’s doubtful. I’ve never known a boss who had confidence in everyone working for them and wasn’t itching to fire someone.

But either way, that’s not one I’ve heard before fro a White House Press secretary, though I wouldn’t rule out that some such thing has been said. Does the president have confidence in . . . ?  is a time-honored question at the White House that is either answered with a direct statement of confidence or a dodge. Today’s answer was a dodge.

Rosenstein of course is responsible for appointing Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the Russia collusion charges. Or more accurately, Russia collusion hearsay.

Trump tweeted Friday: “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt.” That would be Rosenstein, who wrote a letter supporting the removal of James Comey, and for whom Mueller technically works.

Good chance Rosenstein will either be fired or quit in a huff over the dissing from the White House.

5 Responses to Spicer Doesn’t Quite Say that Trump Has Confidence in Rosenstein

  1. Enough with the “gotcha” questions. Media should start asking about all the good things President Trump is doing. If I were Sean Spicer, i would answer a “gotcha” or rumor driven hyperbole with this, “If you have a question attached to rumor or innuendo, it will not be answered and you will be passed over.”
    True journalists would appreciate the integrity and dignity offered. Yellow journalists (and yes, that includes a ton of the msm) will scream.

  2. No matter how the Spiceman answered, the MSM would spin it or twist it for their own enjoyment.
    Had he said -MrTrump has the utmost, solid, unwavering confidence in MrRosenstein’s ability and professionalism- someone would find that suspicious.

  3. This is probably the reason why trump was so mad at sessions for recusing himself. if sessions did not recuse this russia crap would probably be over and hillarys indictment on the way.

  4. Rosenstein and Mueller — both should either quit or be asked to leave.

    McCabe should stay only as long as Wray is held up in confirmation. Of course, who knows when Mitch McConnell will release Mr. Wray from his closet. Surely not before the long awaited August vacation.

    Mr. Wray should clean house at the FBI. That should be the first order. It is not tenable for any President or Director to conduct the business of the nation with enemies and backstabbers so close.

    Jeff Sessions should do the same at DOJ. But it does not seem to be something Sessions is suited to do. And so far there is no evidence that he has appointed anyone to act on his or the President’s behalf.

    • Rosenstein was Sessions’ choice. And a poor one.

      I am a fan of Jeff Sessions. He has largely served the President well. But he is not well suited to be AG.

      If he hasn’t lost all credibility move him to senior staff and get rid of Priebus who is nothing but a surrogate for Paul Ryan. Congress is Sessions’ wheelhouse.