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Report: Spicer Leading Search for Own Replacement

From Politico:

White House press secretary Sean Spicer is leading a search for his own replacement at the briefing room podium as part of a larger plan to shake up the White House communications operations, according to two people with knowledge of the effort.

Last week, Spicer and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus reached out to Fox News personality Laura Ingraham about the role of press secretary and Daily Mail editor David Martosko about the role of communications director, according to a White House official.

Spicer and Priebus have had preliminary discussions with Ingraham and Martosko met with chief strategist Steve Bannon last week, according to the White House official.

Ingraham declined to comment. In a phone call, Martosko said “I can’t hear you,” and then hung up. He did not respond to an e-mail inquiry.

12 Responses to Report: Spicer Leading Search for Own Replacement

  1. That is such a thankless job. I don’t get why they keep it going with a room full of (non) journalists asking stupid questions. Totally unecessary. And then there’s Priebus, who I don’t really trust, and whose best friend since high school is Paul Ryan;) Not comfortable with him.

    • Priebus has not helped Trump with a Congress in anyway. It was the only reason for his being there.

      Besides, Priebus is and always will be a Paul Ryan boy. And Paul Ryan has his eye on the WH.

  2. “a white house official” Is that another anonymous source? “2 people with knowledge” ? If you can’t source it, don’t spread it.

  3. I vote for the Church Lady. She did a bang-up job when she filled in for the Spiceman.
    Or, they can abolish the whole charade of a briefing as something that should have been shelved decades ago as obsolete.

  4. Turn the briefing room into a soup kitchen for the homeless. Or this, a safe-space for the snowflakes to mingle. Where never is heard a discouraging word. Sleeping pads, with soft soothing music 24//7, and free I-phone charging station.

  5. There’s something goofy and unproductive about how these White House Briefings are currently conducted. Not much important information comes out of them, in spite of all the thunder, prattle, showboating and spittle in the room.

    I don’t know how to redesign the format so it serves the public rather than stroke the egos of the participants on both sides of the microphone. But the whole White House Briefing experience has to be rethought and brought into the 21st century.

    As to Ingraham, she’s smart, clever and all that, but doesn’t have the temperament to pull it off behind that podium. She’s thin skinned and has a quick temper and the anti-Trumpers, anti-Republicans in the reporter pool will exploit that weakness to make her look like a flaming nut. That’s won’t help the White House. And for Martosko, haven’t got a clue about him.

    • I agree about Laura. We reluctantly listen, commenting on her interrupting & pissy skills.
      Recently she didn’t realize she was on air. There was some electrical connection issues & she screamed to the producer, “We’re gonna lose all those fkn stations. It was so abrupt it didn’t get caught & blurbed.
      Yes. Her temperament would become a huge issue if she gets that job.

  6. Spicer did an excellent job and eventually wore down from being attacked and badgered every day. Not surprising. I guess this is another “victory” the Dems can claim — Nancy Pelsosi is probably proud of stressing a man until he had to change jobs.

  7. If the Trump Administration spent as much time ferreting out all the Clinton/Obama insurrectionists in the government as it does about its Press Secy and the lousy useless WH Press Corpse we and the President would be better served.

    I am getting tired of defending him from people who should have been replaced long ago. At this point, these are unforced and self inflicted.

    As for the Press Briefing shut it down.