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Kushner Speaks; Will Head to the Middle East

This is the first time I’ve ever heard Jared Kushner say anything. Thought you might want to hear him.

Later this week, he will head to the Middle East to create peace.

4 Responses to Kushner Speaks; Will Head to the Middle East

  1. …. 16 years of failure… then completed by Trump in 5 months….

    Get used to read things like that over and over…. Winning!…For the American people.

    • Tks. Mr. K, I definitely don’t expect to hear that by the msm.
      Help getting that swamp drained son.
      Washington was still “working” on Y2K.
      What in the hell did they do all this time, other than drawing a check?

  2. I am no fan of Kushner/Ivanka in the government. For all the fanfare I expected a better speaker. I am surprised Congress didn’t pull his passport because “Russia” and all.