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Kellyanne Conway: Tens of Millions of Dollars Wasted on Russia Probe

Well, okay, you’d expect her to say that. I mean, the fox would certainly try to convince the farmer that the hens were dying of natural causes.

But is she wrong? What on earth is going on here? Somehow, without a shred of evidence that anybody colluded with Russia, other than that they talked to Russians, we’ve had months of investigations by the FBI, Congress, and now a special prosecutor into the possibility that someone might have colluded with Russians.

I don’t know why a special prosecutor was appointed. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had already recused himself, the FBI was looking into the matter, and Congress seemed on its way to wrapping up its own investigation. And how did it solve whatever conflict of interest issue there was by appointing a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, who has a longstanding friendship with the star witness, James Comey?

As to obstruction of justice, that’s for Congress to probe. The president is not going to be subject to a criminal trial. He will be impeached, or not. And even if you want to do a criminal probe, why couldn’t Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein supervise it? A special prosecutor amounts to an endless search which eventually bumps into something somebody did wrong, which is not the correct concept of criminal justice in our country.

If the Democrats want to bring down the Trump presidency through investigations, at least let George Soros fund it, not taxpayers.

8 Responses to Kellyanne Conway: Tens of Millions of Dollars Wasted on Russia Probe

  1. While the government wastes all of this money, the Democrats will stand in front of the cameras, pandering to their base about the Russia non issue. All the while the citizens they want to “help”, still go without, while working ppl get their tax dollars wasted.

  2. The anti-Trump crowd wants him to feel surrounded, alone, besieged, without support, all in their goal to force him to resign.
    The daily report that Trump supporters are walking away from him, his poll support is falling, and he’s a failure for not having the 1,000 mile wall built yet or even repealing Obamacare are all meant to throw a misleading aura over the Trump administration.

    The special counsel, the investigation, the constant nitpicking are all meant to show MrTrump as either a criminal or a inept President.
    This won’t stop until he’s retired, maybe not even then.
    Trump is their enemy, we are his insurgent army.
    We must be defeated, reduced to simpering losers.

    • They did the same thing to Sarah Palin remember?

      They hassled her until she resigned over frivolous lawsuits, all of which designed to render her ineffective at governing.

    • I agree.
      What a waste of time and money.
      It’s like the fog of war.
      Let the guy be president.
      Dems won’t accept the election.
      If the House isn’t going to impeach, then go away.

  3. What the corporate press and their cheerleaders are doing in this “investigation” is very clear. It’s like the four year old splashing water in the pool and getting everyone wet, yelling, “Mommy, Daddy, look at me! See how good I can swim! Look at me! Look at me!” Yet, everyone knows they aren’t swimming at all. They’re just yelling and splashing water to get attention.

  4. quote BHO : Elections have consequences.

    Not to MSM and the DEM rats……no no no we refuse……..

    They can eat cake !