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John Sununu Bashes the Media to Its Face

I doubt people out there care nearly as much about the Russia investigation as we here in the Washington are do. Do you?

Here, former White House chief of staff and New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu lets CNN host Alisyn Camerota have it for the nonstop coverage of a Russia collusion case that doesn’t seem to have any Russia collusion to it.

Sununu mischeviously calls out the “vidictive and frustrated media.” Camerota seems a little taken aback. He keeps doing this — I guess I give her credit for continuing to have him on the show.

I would disagree with one thing, though. The media aren’t frustrated. They’re having the time of their lives.

14 Responses to John Sununu Bashes the Media to Its Face

  1. No I don´t care at all about the “Russia-investigations”, it is a big, fat nothing-burger. Instead, I would like to recommend those of you, with the time and the interest, to watch Oliver Stones interviews with President Putin . It is four hours well spent. I found it very, very interesting.
    Off topic, yesterday a man in a car mowed down people ( Muslims ) outside an infamous mosque ( Finsbury Park ) in London. Well, will the Muslim Mayor of London still say that this is “part and parcel of living in a big city”, this is the new normal , just get used to it ? Will the politicians now warn Muslims not to get involved in or support Christiano-phobia ? By the way, I just made that word up, interestingly enough, it doesn´t exist , although the phenomenom certainly exists.
    Because this is the usual script. Or do we have another script when Muslims are victims ?
    Politicians and media are guilty, guilty, guilty of the tensions in society. Today a man crashed his car into a police van on Champs Elysee in Paris. The car exploded, was it explosives in the car ?
    Battle of the cars. Perhaps cars should be banned ( sarcasm ) ?

  2. I have stopped listening to all of it. Its insane and Rush and Hannity show, should talk instead about the good things Trump is doing. Also the good stuff he wants to do.

    Talking endless about what the 30% says and does drives me nuts. This gives MSM and the 30% power to shape the narrative.

    Ignore them…..lots of good stuff to watch on net flicks live!

    • I stopped listening and watching, too. The negativity was just dragging me down.

      Recently, when I heard Kellyanne Conway speaking in person, she said, do we ever hear about the good things Trump has done. No, of course not.

      Her advice–if you want to hear politics, watch the MSM. If you are interested in his policies, listen to the president.

    • I stopped watching these TV news shows years ago. And, we’re not alone. Their regular viewership is down to 3-5 percent of the population, and 94 percent of the general public little or no trust in the media. And yet, the corporate media continues with the same tactics that cause so much revulsion toward them from the citizenry. I just don’t get it. Why are they so determined to cut their own throats?

      • I gave up cable five years ago as a protest. It was becoming intolerable. I can get news online from the appropriate sites. I, too, watch old movies. Have acquired a lot of DVDs and borrow some from the library.

    • So tired of muh Russia 24/7 that I’ve dusted of my stash of old videos and started watching them.
      Haven’t missed the media at all.

    • I stopped watching and listening as well – I’m pretty much down to sports and sitcom reruns on the tube. I’ve also dug out my old DVDs and VHS tapes.

  3. Millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain searching for nothing. Like searching for anything Hillary accomplished while in office.