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Video || Protestors Interrupt Julius Caesar Play Depicting Trump Assassination

Well, I don’t approve of this kind of stuff when the right does it any more than I do when it’s done by the Left.

But of course, I find this performace worse than reprehensible. And I have to admit, it’s pleasing to see the Left — and all the smug attendees of a Central Park performance advocating the assassination of a president — get a taste of their own medicine.

14 Responses to Video || Protestors Interrupt Julius Caesar Play Depicting Trump Assassination

  1. I didn’t used to approve of it either. But you use the “weapons” you have and I remember well when VP Pence tried to enjoy an evening out. Now I believe that give as good as you get.

    This play is particularly brutal. If the Dems are looking for things that incite violence and tell the public that it is ok this stupid stupid play is one of them.

    I was happy to see them do what the opposition does to us. And I would be pleased if they kept it up.

  2. I’m afraid this is only the beginning of retaliation and it won’t be pretty or nice.
    How much are we supposed to take, how many insults do we bear until we become as violent and/or rude as the anti-Trump people?

    • I doubt it will take all that much.

      They can’t take what they dish out, so a few deep draughts of their own medicine should suffice.

  3. There’s an old joke about a boy who complains to his mother that his little sister keeps pulling his hair.

    “Oh,” responds the mother, “she doesn’t know that it hurts.”

    A few minutes later, the mother hears the girl scream and runs into the other room. “She knows now,” the boy explains.

    It is PAST time for the Right to pull some hair.

  4. One can only hope that the disrupters at the dummy Shakespeare Julius Caesar play were not being coached & hired & directed by the same dummies who came up with this dummy extravaganza for dummies in the 1st place!

  5. The craziest thing about this, is that the play is about assassinating our President, thats okay with the Mayor of New York, but the protesters who are right in their protesting of a criminal act by individuals calling for the killing of President Trump, ARE ARRESTED! The protesters are arrested when it should be the other way around? Only in America could this happen. This abhorrent play should be shut down and protested every night until it stops. Democrats are real sickos, their party is now the party of the low-lives, anti-American communists. The democrats have become so dumb and violent, they should be banned from being in government. Liars, totally violent, ignorant, evil, hateful fools.

    • And according to an interview I heard on the radio today with someone who was watching the play in that theater, the audience applauded, cheered and was extremely pleased with the depiction of Trump being executed. They knew full well that it was a Trump “character” being killed on stage, and not an actor representing Julius Caesar. Remember the 2006 docudrama “Death of a President” depicting the murder of George W. Bush? Same deal here.

      These people are crazed with rage and revenge because they lost the election.

      What the crowd was too stupid or high to think about is that Brutus’s life did not end well. Not well at all.