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Trump Schedule || Saturday, June 17, 2017

President Trump today is at Camp David with Melania, his son Barron, and his in-laws.

8 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Saturday, June 17, 2017”

      1. You are right about the hypocrisy. It’s not like the Trump’s have two school age children. Now that warrants a nanny. One — easy peasy. Or perhaps he is a particularly ill mannered boy. Or perhaps there is something “wrong” with him and he requires 24/7 and so it begins. :)

      2. According to an article I read last week Melania’s parents live at Trump Tower in New York and have been for some time. They help take care of Barron when the Trumps have to be out of town….

      3. I dont think think Trump & family will “enjoy” Camp David… I just do not the see the gold-plated NYC-Mara Lago Trumps enjoying a rustic camp in the Maryland woods…
        -just saying

  1. Well that should certainly meet with the approval of the two faced Democrats, all of whom would personally choose Mar a lago over Camp David.

    On the other hand, Melania’s parents are from Slovenia and might well appreciate the woods of Camp David.

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