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Open Thread || Saturday, June 17, 2017



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  1. Further, about the shooting of Republicans on the baseball field and the Republican response.

    After no national dialogue, and the media moving on or back to Russia/Trump. But some of the Democrats and the left and the media (Scott Pelley) are settling on “self inflicted” . Brought it on ourselves. Actually Donald Trump with his irresponsible words and actions (winning the election) brought it on. This is where the confused kumbaya Republicans are going to settle.

    I expect to hear a lot of Republicans call on Trump to ratchet down the tweets and the commentary. Tweeting and press conferences are the President’s only means of discourse with the country. Keep it up Mr. President.

    • Scott Pelley has resigned from being the anchor of CBS Evening News after 6 years. Friday night was his last broadcast. He will continue with 60 Minutes.

      • Resigned? I thought he was “let go”, “fired” but retained for 60 Minutes.

        I read up on him. Despite a recent ridiculous comment about the shooting being self inflicted by and large he has been a decent reporter. Not as crazy as some and perhaps too middle of the road for others. I read something about a comment he made that angered his co=workers. This more than anything might have had something to do with his termination. He certainly has a good work record, but I have been burned before thinking a member of the MSM could be reasonable.

    • Amen on the tweeting Grace.

      All he is doing is defending himself.

      I see no republicans coming out in his defense, do you?
      Instead they cower in the fear that they too could be targeted by the left’s vitriol.

      The 2018 election is shaping up to be a loud clear message from the people saying we are tired of it.

      Libs and RINO’s beware.

      • You’re right. No Congressional Republicans–in leadership or in the rank and file–are coming forth and giving full-throated support for President Trump, his successes or policies. McConnell and Ryan are a complete disgrace. It’s obvious to all but the most dim-witted they are either passively or actively opposing the leader of their own Party. Amazing political disloyalty.

        And yet, Trump’s ratings are slowly climbing–up to 50 percent right now and it will go higher. This growing support by the public comes in the light of unprecedented attacks on him, his family, his “behavior” and his policies– from Democrats, the media, other Republicans and the rest of the uncivilized riff-raff in Washington. “We’ve done everything we can to destroy Trump and his popularity and support grows among the people.” It must be driving them all crazy.

        • x2 I like the idea of rising ratings and driving Dems nuts. Sadly, this only encourages more outrageous behaviour. And now since shooting Republicans is acceptable….

          • I genuinely fear for President Trump’s and his family’s lives. There are potential Manchurian candidates drifting around in the ranks of the hard Left.

  2. Here is something I am curious about and asked elsewhere.
    Anybody know where Christopher Wray is in the nominating process? Does McConnell have him locked in the basement or is he in the Judicial Cmte., stuck in Ethics where?

    I think it would be a good idea to shake up the Rosenstein/Mueller love affair by introducing a third party post haste. Wray worked as personal attorney for Christie so this should be interesting.

    In 2003, Wray was nominated by President George W. Bush as assistant attorney
    general in charge of the Department of Justice’s criminal division. The
    Senate unanimously confirmed him.

    Acting Director McCabe was also being considered. The Dems and NBC like him very much. So I expect that Wray’s path to confirmation will be torturous and may not happen until after the August luxury vacation month, if at all.

  3. @realDonaldTrump #trump

    Appoint special prosecutor to investigate Hillary, her time at State, the Clinton foundation, donors. Please.

  4. @realDonaldTrump #trump
    Investigating Clintons is needed. It will also help deflect the attacks by MSM. Change the national narrative.