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Video || Trump: “I am Canceling” Obama’s Cuba Deal

The words are nice, but many facets of Barack Obama’s deal remain in place.


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5 Responses to Video || Trump: “I am Canceling” Obama’s Cuba Deal

  1. Our daughter married the son of Cuban immigrants. She tells that they (the extended family) supported MrTrump’s election and were sickened by Obama’s kissy-face trip to Cuba.
    They know what’s going on there and they are solidly against any kind of formal recognition of the communist regime that has ruined the homeland they love.
    IMO, we, the US, should have ousted the Castros years ago. Having such a tyranny based environment 90 miles from our shores is a disgrace.
    Not many Cubans would resist an invasion of American troops in their beautiful island.

  2. In my view these two items (out of many) are paramount and significant. **Ending economic practices that disproportionately benefit the Cuban government or its military, intelligence, or security agencies or personnel at the expense of the Cuban people. ** Amplify efforts to support the Cuban people through the expansion of internet services, free press, free enterprise, free association, and lawful travel. **And I’m sure he’s not done.