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Trump’s Alleged Obstruction Was Borne of a Goodness of Heart

What an irony the thing that has liberals salivating the most over the prospect of injuring President Trump was caused by aspects of the man’s character the same liberals would never recognize.

As things currently stand, the only charge I’ve seen that actually puts the Trump presidency in jeopardy is that he obstructed justice. This would be behavior that could either be prosecuted criminally or the subject of impeachment. Reports suggest the wrecking ball within the administration, a.k.a. Special Prosectuor Robert Mueller, has wasted no time leaping from probing the Russia collusion charges to investigating possible obstruction.

Probably, after finding no snakes under the Russia collusion rock, Mueller has moved on to what he thinks may be more fertile ground, where he will, to finish the metaphor, leave no stone unturned.

I didn’t go to law school, but legal experts I respect have written that Trump’s effort to steer former FBI Director James Comey off the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn do not rise to the level of obstruction.

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” Trump said, according to Comey, anyway.

Even if this is correct, a hope is not an order. A hope is a hope. And even, if this was a Jersey gangster-style insinuation — I hope nothing bad to happens to that precious horse of yours. I’d feel terrible if it did — the phrasing still gives Trump a solid argument that he didn’t make a specific demand.

Anyway, I don’t think that is what this was. I think Trump was feeling a normal human emotion and was acting like a normal person. And that can get you into big trouble in Washington.

It is very significant that Trump had fired Flynn just the previous day. He did it, as Trump has made clear himself, only because Flynn had lied to Vice President Pence. Lying to vice presidents is a big no-no. Trump was axing a man who had been an early supporter when others, including Pence, refused to join the team. Someone who passionately shared his outlook and was a determined Trump defender. Trump, according to reports, has frequently expressed regret that he fired Flynn. It was obviously a decision that pained him greatly and still conflicts him.

“He is a good guy,” Trump told Comey.

But Comey didn’t pick up on the human element. Comey went right into the role of careful attorney and government official, the role he has played almost his entire adult life.

What would have prevented Comey from simply saying, as one human being to another, Hey, you’re new to this job. I know you feel bad about Flynn. But listen, you’re the president, and I’m the FBI director. It’s not proper for me to alter investigations just because you feel a certain way. I’ll work hard to do this expeditiously. I know you understand.

But no. Comey immediately recognized material for a possible prosecution — not of Flynn, but of Trump. He didn’t act on this, because he probably understood it’s not enough for obstruction, but he knew it might be a nice piece of some future puzzle he could put together and have someone present to a grand jury. Because he is James Comey, and James Comey always fights for truth, justice, and the American Way — and also for things that make James Comey look like an ethical superman.

So he jumped into his limousine, pulled out his legal pad, and started jotting little notes that could tie up the Republic for months or years and ruin a presidency. All instead of just saying, Hey, pal, you’re crossing a line, I can’t do that.

Trump, who in the liberal imagination is a monster with the outlook on life of Benito Mussolini, was caught up in a legal problem because of his compassion, not his corruption. And unfortunately, his compassion went directly onto the notepad of a Deep State robot.

16 thoughts on “Trump’s Alleged Obstruction Was Borne of a Goodness of Heart”

  1. The President needs to call Mueller out and then if no resignation, fire him, and proceed to ram thru the agenda. The Dems have overplayed the hand so Trump might as well do what we need done now. Its always better to rip the band aid off anyways,lets get stuff done.

    1. Mueller has hired 13 lawyers with more to come.
      Half of whom donated to the dems.

      This investigation cannot be called unbiased IMO.

  2. The President is not taking this lying down! And maybe this tweet below is why the Left and others want him to stop tweeting.

    Trump bringing the BOOM! this morning:

    “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt”

    Good on Trump. A man, no different from your average leftist Democrat, not a crazy, tries to assassinate Republicans on a baseball field and almost succeeds. Average guy — like Joe Biden average.

    So, if they are willing to do this then the Administration needs to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy. Fire Mueller (who already leaked) and Rosenstein who is colluding with him. Put a solid #2 in. If Sessions is unwilling to fire them, then he needs to resign and be placed elsewhere.

    I am a big fan of Jeff Sessions. But for this group, he is too much of a respectable Southern Gentleman. Keep him in the Administration.

  3. his compassion went directly onto the notepad of a Deep State robot.

    Has anybody seen this notepad? Where is the Professor who leaked for Comey? And who leaked for Mueller?

    1. The professor is hiding.
      Comey put the memos on a government computer and the last I heard they have been deleted.

      Trump is defending himself with his tweets.
      Who can blame him?

    2. I now read that Trump is blasting the Deputy AG Rosenstein;” I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told med to fire the FBI director”.
      Seems to be a real snakepit, who can the President trust ? It is Kafka, “The trial”, in real life.

  4. Well said, Keith. I also agree with Putin when he says : ” It looks weird when the head of the secret agency records his conversations with the Commander in Chief and then hands it over to the media via a friend”. Yes, indeed, it looks weird. So weird that he ought to be in the situation of Snowden, on the run. And Snowden was only a human activist, not a big boss. Therefor, Putin, with dripping sarcasm, says that he is ready to grant political asylum to Comey. So just go to Russia , Mr Comey, Putin is waiting for you. Oh, and take your co-conspirator, Mr Mueller, with you.

  5. Saying “I hope you die” isn’t murder, or even attempted murder.
    There was NO obstruction of justice as nothing changed at the FBI, no investigation was shelved, nor is there any proof that any crime was committed.
    What is the crime that is going ‘unpunished’ after the President spoke, who is the culprit of this imagined crime who now walks free, and who exactly is the victim – no one has an answer because it’s all a nefarious hoax and a basket of lies.

      1. Cookie jar? I didn’t know there was a cookie jar!

        Don’t be too sure about that liquor cabinet Srdem65 I have been in mod jail a lot lately.

  6. Remember during the Trump Tower parade days, when everyone was going in and out, Trump took time to appear publically with Dennis Rodman in the lobby. I am sure it was Rodman, who had just had something embarrassing happen, again, my memory is fuzzy.

    Anyway, there was no reason for Trump to do this, except as an act of friendship. The reporters just kept hammering away at the “why” and Trump kept gently smiling.

    A kind man who is the midst of hornets.

  7. Let’s assume for a second……..Trump did give Comey an order to let Michael Flynn go. Why did the Director of the FBI not follow the order of President of the United States? Because it was not a lawful order….why didn’t he write a letter to the President asking for clarification or declaring he found the order to be unlawful and offer his resignation or go to Attorney General or Gang of Eight? Senator Grasley ?

    He laid down a huge bombshell about Loretta Lynch? What evidence did he place in front of her accusing her of obstruction? Didn’t he obstruct justice by doing nothing? He figured he had a chip in the big game……He only said anything upon being cashed out.

  8. Trump had every right to order Comey to drop the investigation. Trump is the top law enforcement official in the USA, and Comey is his employee.

    Neither the FBI nor the Justice Department that the FBI is a part of, is an independent body. They both work for the president as the head of the executive branch of the government.

  9. I had to laugh when Comey was asked why he didn’t say anything back to Trump, like “this is inappropriate,” he said he was shocked or stunned or some other superlative and that’s why he didn’t say anything. But he sure went for his notebook.
    When the director of the FBI is so STUNNED so easily, it is obvious he should not be the director of said FBI. I bet he would have had a heart attack if Trump had said he had no ties with the Russians. Wait, that would be a good thing. Comey thinks he’s such a sly fox, but he is as transparent as glass.

  10. Even more to the point, the only way we know Flynn lied, was that his phone conversation was illegally leaked to the press. Flynn was the VICTIM, okay, of the only known crime in this whole process trap.

    So, let’s review. Someone, we still don’t know who, committed a FELONY, okay, by leaking Flynn’s conversation to the press. Based on that, ahem, criminal leak, Trump reluctantly gives Flynn his walking papers, even though Flynn had committed no crime.

    So, the next day, James Comey comes in to set HIS part of the trap. He gets Trump to say something he can embellish into an accusation of obstruction, and files it away. He, Comey, then spends several months finding nothing substantive, all the while slow-rolling all kinds of innuendo to the press.

    So when Trump finally fires him, justifiably AND LEGALLY, Comey gets a friend of his to illegally leak something on his behalf–which he should not have retained, BY THE WAY–and thereby get his friend Robert Mueller named as special prosecutor. Mueller’s conflict of interest is readily apparent, but he opts to stay anyway.

    So, we now have a special prosecutor with a conflict of interest, who was appointed as the result of a criminal leak, to investigate a vague statement Trump made in the aftermath of having to dismiss General Flynn, after Flynn’s conversation was illegally leaked.

    There have more crimes, of a more serious nature, committed by the putative “investigation,” than by President Trump.

    And yet this is the pretext they want to use, to overturn the election results, and disenfranchise ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY MILLION VOTERS.

    This Will Not End Well.™

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