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Trump Goes After Rod Rosenstein

President Trump Friday seemed to suggest he is furious with Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed Robert Mueller to be special counsel.

“I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt,” Trump tweeted.

That would appear to be Rosenstein, a Trump appointee who wrote a memo outlining reasons for firing former FBI Director James Comey.

Reports have circulated that Trump is considering firing Mueller, but it’s not clear if he can do so, since the special counsel regulation says the attorney general must do it. In this case, Rosenstein is the acting attorney general, since Attorney General Sessions recused himself.

Rosenstein has indicated he currently has no intention of firing Mueller. It’s possible Trump could get around this by repealing the special counsel regulation altogether or by firing Rosenstein and continuing to fire people until he gets down the chain to someone who would fire Mueller.

11 Responses to Trump Goes After Rod Rosenstein

  1. Yes, Trump should have his lawyers throw every possible law-book at these creepy people. Maybe investigate their income-tax situation ? Like they did with Al Capone.

  2. IMO, he needs to ride it out, let it hang there.
    (adjusting foil hat) There is every reason to believe that Comey had a hidden recorder when he visited the White House and the hope is that MrTrump will go on the record, only to be hung by the hidden recorder.
    Anyone who is fan of criminal drama on TV or in the movies, knows that buttons can be live cameras, that ink pens have recorders, and who knows what Batman-like devices the FBI has in their arsenal.
    The anti-Trump people can’t produce this tape/recording until he goes under oath.
    The wisest course is to let this witchhunt play out and it will- play out.
    The base is still with MrTrump. We’re not buying all the phony hype and secret leakers who have the biggest agenda DC can offer.
    Hang tough, MrPresident. We will, too.

    • I’m thinking Trump is fed up with the corruption he’s discovering–right up close and personal– in Washington, and he’s getting ready to clean house. We’ll see.

      • Unlike srdem65 I think he should tell Rosenstein to fire Mueller for cause (leaks etc) or fire them both.

        The Republicans are not backing him at all. And he needs to move on.

        There are ways for him to do this. Sessions needs to step and muscle his way through this. Fire Rosenstein and get a good 2nd.

        Last week Rosenstein said he wouldn’t fire anybody if HE considered it “unlawful”. As soon as I heard that I would have shown him the door. We have had too many bureaucrats determine that they are the law. It’s time to start following the law.

  3. I think the POTUS was “set up” by Rosenstein, and this ass-hat should be FIRED. The NEW “acting” AG can then REPLACE Mueller with someone that is less biased towards the DEEP STATE.

    • That’s how the article reads, that he was set up. But I don’t think this was an intentional setup. I’m with SrDem, I think Trump should just ride it out, and I think he will. But he does need to clean house to stop the leaking. My god! What a bunch of crap.

  4. Sessions should have never recused himself…no Democrat would have ever done so. The Republicans are always worried about how they’re perceived, and in their efforts to appear “fair” and “reasonable,” they stupidly shoot themselves in the foot.

    When you’re in power, act like it!

      • When you shoot them dead I think.
        And more than one. Republicans can rationalize one, but multiples implies something is happening and perhaps they best put their napkins on the table and leave to suit up.

  5. Mr. President: If it’s but possible, order AG Session to unrecuse himself and have him appoint another (new, separate) Special Prosecutor to “look into Hillary’s situation” as you promised during the last debate.

    There will then be two Special Counsels battling each other and that will be so much fun to watch.