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Trump Schedule || Friday, June 16, 2017

President Trump today will travel to Miami to announce and sign a directive changing Barack Obama’s policies toward Cuba, according to the Miami Herald. The new directive is expected to tighten travel restrictions to Cuba that had been loosened by Obama.

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  1. While the bickering goes on in Washington ISIS is expanding its evil empire. Today I heard about their first conquest outside MidEast/Africa. They have occupied Marawi City on the Phillipines. Duterte has proclaimed state of emergency and the army is fighting bloody battles. Marawi is situated on Mindanao with mostly Muslim population, the rest of the country is Catholic. It looks like wherever they find a willing population they start building their terror regime. It is horrifying how easy it is to take over cities/regions with total ruthlessness, violence and terror. The West is so weak. Which part will be the first to succumb ? I wish politicians could forget about all this nonsense about Russia this and that, it is Islam , the expanding, aggressive Islam, that is the big threat of today.

    1. Filipinos are lovely people and it is a damned shame that ISIS has infiltrated their country. Islam is indeed the greatest threat the world faces today.
      But hey, Russia!

    2. I spent some time in the Philippines.
      The Filipinos are tough people with a tough leader.
      When I was there, early ’70’s, it was mostly Catholic or Protestant.

      If ISIS is trying to establish a stronghold in the pacific region they may find it more difficult than they originally thought it would be.

      1. Actually, the island of Mindanao has had a significant Muslim presence for hundreds of years. When we were in Manila in 92-94, there was an active insurgent group that occasionally would kidnap Catholic priests, other missionaries or Americans. Of course, in recent years this has escalated and appears now primarily a Muslim-led insurgency (it used to be communist). It will be interesting to see if the Philippine military is up to the job of dealing with insurgents/ terrorists. I have heard that US Special Forces are now on the ground in Mindanao. TBC….

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