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Mika Brzezinski Puts Partial Blame on Trump for Scalise Shooting

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski Thursday suggested President Trump shares some of the blame for Wednesday’s shooting attack against Republicans by a crazed Trump opponent who critically wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

Brzezinski, during a discussion of the attack, indicated Trump helped create the climate for it:

We also have a president who pushes fake news and conspiracy theories, from Birtherism, to promoting violence on the campaign trail. I mean, this is the new dynamic here. I’m not putting anything squarely on the president, but I have to say, that this is the new added dynamic to what is a very dangerous climate.

She should immediately apologize.

Why is the mainstream media not raving about the Left’s endless attacks against Trump and even suggestions of violence, like the killing Trump as Julius Caesar, raising his severed head, etc? Raving of the type we heard against Republicans after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011? Why is today’s blame shared bipartisanly?

Scarborough spent much time on the show Thursday pontificating weightily about the problem of overheated rhetoric and the need “to figure out how to work together and get along” because “we are one family.” This, the same Scarborough who last week called Trump “a schmuck” who tries to “buy people’s integrity,” and who last month said Trump sounded like he had dementia and that had acted during his recent trip to Europe like a “thug” and an “idiot.”

Personally, I think that’s fine. Short of advocating violence, I don’t mind rhetoric, overheated or otherwise. U.S. history is replete with it, and the Bill or Rights was designed to protect it.

It is true, as Brzezinski says, that Trump at times advocated rough treatment of aggressive and potentially violent protestors at his rallies. He shouldn’t have done that.

But suggesting that the president of the United States is in any way responsible for a shooting by a crazed individual is itself overheated rhetoric and hatred for the president brought to profoundly ugly depths.

I mean, if you want to play this game, what is more likely to be responsible for the shooting of Republican lawmakers, something Trump said or the daily, obsessive Jihad waged against the Republican president by two MSNBC anchors?

To imply any causality between what Trump or anyone else has said and what happened Wednesday is an outrage. When someone shoots someone, they are to blame. Not the president, not Bernie Sanders or Chuck Schumer and their nasty rhetoric, not anyone else.

18 thoughts on “Mika Brzezinski Puts Partial Blame on Trump for Scalise Shooting”

  1. Running their mouths, is just that, running their mouths. The blame is SQUARELY ON THE LEFT, THE MEDIA, THE PARTY OFFICIALS who have advocated violence against the President since he started running for office. They will not be happy until there is chaos in the country and violence. THEY are the ones who are responsible and they can spew whatever crap they want, but THEY ARE GUILTY every last democrap in this country is responsible for the violence and hate-speech…..the end.

  2. Of course this is all Donald Trump’s fault – he won the 2016 election that prevented Hillary from achieving her heart’s desire.
    The wacky sore-loser progressives were unable to process that half of the American voters didn’t like Hillary, or even Obama, don’t love illegal aliens, want real jobs- not handouts, and think the Constitution is a really neat thing.

  3. Ann Coulter has a different viewpoint.

    Perhaps Mika should pull her head out and place the blame where it belongs.

    Conservatives do not shout down anyone who disagrees with them, nor do they attack them physically.

    The constant plea to “work together” only means that people should adopt the liberal point of view……

    ….or there will be hell to pay.

  4. #cnn #msm
    Should halt this production suggesting assassination of a sitting US president. Where is secret service?

  5. #cnn #trump
    CNN Keeps on pushing its hate Trump campaign. Give it a rest. Let the country heal. The Resistance is fomenting hate. Stop.

  6. Loretta Lynch encouraged violence against the conservatives as her parting shot. The great “dividers” as the Democrats have become under BO, have done more to tear America apart in the last 8 1/2 years than anything President Trump did or has done in 6 months. The Liberal Democrats are the party of violence, racism, and ugly provacative rhetoric at every chance they get. It is no wonder that the crazies on the left respond with murderous actions.

  7. That’s a reasonable response to blame only the shooter. However, progressives are unreasonable people, and they blame everybody. You can’t fight them with reason.

    1. Yes, this exactly! Only hell is actually too good for them. I would send them directly to the heart of ISIS territory.

  8. How about blaming the murder porn version of Julius Caesar performed by NYC’s Shakespeare in the Park?

    Political Murder Porn in the Park.

    Real life murder attempt at the ball park.

    No connection?

    1. The village idiots in the world of Lefties and Socialists have been at this “Let’s kill Republicans” business for quite a while.

      Remember the 2006 movie, “Death of a President” which was about assassinating George Bush? Oh, yes. It won a ton of awards because it was about “art”, you see.

      The Left is well aware that many of their followers are highly suggestible, like trained lab mice waiting for the right signal, the right cue. They want to tell their followers what to think, how to act, what to promote.

      When Madonna yells out to an audience, ““I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” that’s incitement, pure and simple Or when that Kathy Griffin nut holds up a mock, severed bloody head (imitating ISIS’s method of assassination) of President Trump, she’s sending a message that it’s OK to think like this, it’s OK to entertain these ideas.

      And there are many more examples of what the Left is constantly suggesting to their followers these days. These are very sick and dangerous people.

  9. Who is still watching these a$$hats? I got rid of cable five years ago as a protest. I get news online only and then I stay away from the above online sites. I want them all to tank.

  10. Will the neobolsheviks/antiChrists , comfortably housed-fed-hydrated-educated-fashionably clothed here in their detestable America, triumph in their mission of equality at gun point for the masses as they wallow in their more equal status the way their fore- comrades did in Russia,east Europe, South Africa, Nicaragua, China, North Korea, South Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.? Are we headed for civil war that parallels the Spanish Civil War of the 1930’s? This same demented mentality is nurtured on our soil instead of housed in psycho-prisons!

    1. Look up Still Report 1671 on YouTube today. There’s some things that make sense as far why the shooter didn’t shoot the people closest to him, he shot Scalise, the one farthest away. It’s about 5 minutes after the commercial. Sorry not good at cut & paste with this IPad. Bill Still has been around Washington for years.

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