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Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Insults Republicans by Invoking Gun Control After Shooting

Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe today gracelessly and insultingly politicized what appears to be an attack intentionally directed against Republican lawmakers, saying the tragedy demonstrates the need for gun control.

McAuliffe, a potential 2020 Democratic presidential contender, at least twice said the attack showed the need for anti-gun measures, a direct slap at the very Republicans who were attacked. Most Republican lawmakers oppose gun control of the type McAuliffe backs.

Democrats seize on every major firearms-related tragedy to promote their gun control political agenda. That McAuliffe woud do so in this case is not only egregioiusly inappropriate, but it suggests that the Republican lawmakers are to blame for the attack they had just incurred.

McAuliffe, a former DNC chair and close buddy and fundraiser to the Clintons, is a purely political animal who likely has no idea he did anything wrong.

What he of course failed to mention is that were there not armed good guys on the scene — Capitol Hill police officers defending the lawmakers — the carnage would have been much worse.

16 thoughts on “Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Insults Republicans by Invoking Gun Control After Shooting”

  1. Ken (in Las Vegas, NV)

    “Democrats seize on every major firearms-related tragedy to promote their gun control political agenda.”

    Well, no. The DNC is directly responsible for this. They, along with NGOs funded by George Soros (et. al) RADICALIZED this person, and GOADED him into this act of TERRORISM. AND— they have done this in the past, and will continue to do this in the future, unless the REAL guilty parties are swiftly brought to justice.

    Maybe the people of Virginia will do the Right Thing, and begin a recall of this Virginia governor.

  2. The Gov forgot to mention how well strict gun control is working in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.
    IMO, the Dems need to control their language, their supporters, and their attacks on Repubs so that the easily led don’t take up arms against them.
    Luckily, the Capitol police WERE armed while protecting CongScalise so that they could take down the shooter. However, if any of the participants at this practice event had a CC firearm, perhaps they could have stopped this shooter sooner.
    If the shooter had put down the two police officers, the whole unarmed group might have been shot and/or killed.

    1. Here in Panama they make people jump through hoops to get a gun permit. Lots of red tape. Gang members has no problems having them.


      “Gun control in Chicago”
      Shooting stats courtesy
      Year to Date
      Shot & Killed: 273
      Shot & Wounded: 1265
      Total Shot: 1538
      Total Homicides: 289

      1. Ken in Las Vegas, NV

        Yep! In almost every area I have researched where the general population is not allowed to own and carry firearms, there is a larger degree of deadly violence– both with firearms involved and with no firearms involved. Logically, this does not make sense, but the data does not lie– communities that allow law abiding people to carry loaded firearms (concealed) have LESS violent crime and violence.

        It seems that criminals and terrorists tend to gravitate towards areas where the general populace cannot protect themselves.

  3. Can you imagine the outrage if, in the aftermath of one of the UK massacres, someone asked a BBC reporter whether this would spark a debate about enacting common sense gun regulations in the UK? That is, repealing the absolute ban which results in otherwise capable individuals cowering in fear trying to defend themselves with chairs and bottles? I did manage to shut up a Canadian friend with that question.

  4. RESIST. The DNC, the MSM, Hillary and many others on the left have been chanting this, using vulgarity and finding every way to demonize the President.

    Well, there ya go…this is what can happen. Not blaming them directly, but words carry weight and meaning when spoken by people in positions of authority or influence.


  5. McAuliffe is following the rule the Progressive Socialists apply to peddle their anti-Constitutional, anti-American agenda to steal the liberties of the deplorable citizenry and destroy the United States:

    “Never let a good tragedy go to waste”–Rahm Emmanuel, Certified Moonbat.

  6. He says he “talks about gun control a lot”, but still manages to be off in his statistics by nearly 93 million. Guess he never listens to himself talk?
    What a maroon.

    1. Yeah, when you’re off by that much, it’s either “facts are stubborn things,” or “math is hard.”

      Perspective: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, combined, killed about 200,000 people.

  7. OT, but since we often mention the impact of the corporate media on the public’s perception of events (including the events of today) and the media’s constant crowing about how great they are and what a prize winning public service they are currently performing, I thought little story was interesting.

    Turns out that all three networks combined had a current combined viewership of about 11 million, or 4 percent of the total population. That’s 3 percent. National yodeling contests would probably have a larger audience. And they are sinking fast. From the story:

    “All three shows lost viewers compared to the same week last year. ABC was down -10 percent in viewers and down -14 percent in the demo; NBC was down -5 percent in viewers and down -7 percent in the demo; and CBS was down -5 percent in viewers and down -13 percent in the demo.”
    So who are these TV news programs broadcasting for? For themselves, to each other and their family members, apparently. Multi-million dollar big shot news hosts broadcasting into thin air. 97 percent of the US population is ignoring them completely. We’ve figured what they’re up to.

  8. Keith — he insulted thinking of Americans of all political persuasions. What a graceless attempt to spin — people are catching bullets in their bodies and he’s thinking about what political issue to promote.

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