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Kamala Harris is Simply Rude

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., has only been in the Senate for a few months, but she’s already showing her disrespect for the institution — and and lack of just normal human courtesy — and her inflated sense of self-importance.

Not suprising for a leftist. This gal’s going places in Democratic politics!

Watch her repeatedly interrupt Attorney General Jeff Sessions as she tries to get all her brilliant questions in. Sessions isn’t even trying to run out the clock, like some witnesses, he’s just trying to give honest and full responses to her badgering inquiries.

He’s trying not to turn her rudeness into an issue, but at one point he notes that she’ll take one of the answers he’s not permitted to complete and then call him a liar.

He’s right. Like I said, she’s going places in Democratic politics.

10 thoughts on “Kamala Harris is Simply Rude”

    1. Yes, this very strange Kamala Harris character would be the Grand Inquisitor in a Soviet-style show trial in which the government decides you are guilty of a crime and makes it impossible for you to prove your innocence.

      No doubt this political hack is in the Democrat pipeline for much greater things.

  1. Sexist! Racist! These two accusations are her cover and what the Dems believe will protect her from criticism as she plows through the decorum and protocols of the US Senate.
    Following the in-your-face, insulting behavior of most prominent Dems, she is just reading the script of the ‘resistance’.
    The Dems seem to think that their women are the best at insulting Repubs or people who support MrTrump (not necessarily the same thing). Sen Warren can throw insults to small businesspeople with the “you didn’t build that”, Hillary can lump half of the voting public into a basket of “deplorable” people and now we have Sen Kamela cast as the “angry Black woman”.
    It’s all so predictable, so common and tiresome.

    1. She is very popular with the DNC and the “alt-left” part of the Democrat Party. She’s their girl and they are planning a Presidential run for her.

  2. Kamala Harris is well known for this kind of crude behavior. Not too long ago she appeared with Perez at a DNC Foul Language Event. She excelled.

    She is a crude person, with ambition. She thinks she can do this in Congress. Hopefully rules will still apply and she will be gaveled out and censured.

    And who in the heck put her on Intelligence Cmte.

  3. I can only say I agree with all of the comments on this list. I was surprised at how crude insulting she was, and how the chair of the committee went along with this nonsense.
    I also agree that her defence will be that she’s a person of color, and she’s a woman. But damn this is very bad.

  4. OT Bernie bot shoots up Republicans practicing baseball on the Hill. Capitol police there prevented a more disastrous outcome.

    Before shooting he asked if they were Rs or Ds.

    Libs will call for gun control without recognizing this as a political act by the Left.

    I hope the President does the right thing regarding violence from the left and does not go all Jared/Ivanka on gun control which he has been known to do.

  5. Can nobody imagine she is US senator from California, where Democrat senators rule for ever. God bless America! With senators like her, how would this country move forward. She forgets she is not a prosecutor, her old profession, she is a senator. She needs to be educated in Senate rules. She may be darling of Democrats. That Native American from MA, Warren, better watch out, she has real Indian blood.

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