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Sessions Puts Wyden in his Place

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., repeatedly questioned Attorney General Sessions’ integrity during today’s hearing, including asking him about testimony by FBI Director Comey that was apparently leaked from a closed session of the Intelligence Committee.

Sessions, though a Southern gentleman, let him have it.


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21 thoughts on “Sessions Puts Wyden in his Place”

  1. I think Ms Harris was obnoxious and extremely uncouth and unprofessional. Her attitude demolished the whole purpose (as does the clip this man’s attitude) of *investigations* and Harris seemed unaware of the whole meaning of *professionalism* – legal process- procedures and protocols – she was so obviously trying ‘steam-roller’ the AG and was so abrasively and unnecessarily aggressive and rude. It was obvious she was a yob partisan. So Unprofessional of her not to apply the basic rules and principals and the spirit of the laws such as Habeas Corpus from the outset. People like her should never be allowed to practise law – they corrupt it for their own ends – no integrity. Appalling. –

    1. She is gaining quite a reputation for being overly obnoxious.
      This is not the first time she has been told to shut up by the chairman.

      Just another loud overbearing rude democrat.

    2. If Senator Harris thinks she’s demonstrating “toughness” for future political aspirations, she is very sadly mistaken. She comes across as rude, completely ignorant of Senate Proceedings (has been admonished twice in the last few days about her behavior), and an altogether obnoxious person. It may play well in California, but you better believe it doesn’t fly anywhere else.

      1. Maxine Waters is still around. Harris is a potential POTUS nominee so she will get a lot of press.

        And given how poorly she presents this is not good for the Dems.

        She is also indicative of the split in the Dem Party. She being in line with Perez et al at the DNC.

        1. “Maxine Waters is still around. Harris is a potential POTUS nominee so she will get a lot of press.”

          On twitter Harris is the female flavor of the month to be in favor for their DNC Presidential Nominee.

          It will change in a month.

  2. Aww, the Dems were so frustrated because MrSessions wouldn’t admit(?) that MrTrump fired MrComey in order to “obstruct justice” and give them the ammo to file impeachment charges.
    MrSessions was rightfully angry that his integrity was challenged by a panel of idiots who think that he (or anyone in the Trump campaign) was happy to let the Russians take over our country.
    This whole hoax is getting too far into the weeds with charges without evidence, crimes without any result, and people with shaky or deluded thoughts.
    For Pete’s sake, end this now.

  3. That smackdown on Wyden might have been the most one-sided encounter since Bambi met Godzilla.

    And I’m not entirely sure it’s all that gentlemanly to fight a battle of wits against a clearly unarmed opponent. ;)

    1. The country has been taking note for the past eight years – their ranks are dwindling in state legislatures, governorships, in Congress, etc. Let ’em keep it up…it’s a losing formula!

  4. That was good of Sessions . But if he is not going to go on the attack and on the defense not just here but in all matters regarding the Administration then he will find himself in the same position as General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox.

    Regarding Wyden — he’s a weasel. I am also appalled at how the Senate Republicans have stood while the Democrats have trashed Sessions’ good name.

    With the exception of Cotton. McConnell can go take a flying leap. Although he is not on the committee, he agreed to this stupid open Russian investigation by Senate Intel which has no boundaries whatsoever.

    The Republicans are just repulsive to me.

    The fact that Kamala Harris the dumb whore sits on this committee is gobsmacking. She has no experience and she should not be trusted with even the lowest of classified documents.

  5. None of these Corruptocrat clowns would be able to get away with their grandstanding in an actual court. But in the setting of a hearing they can get away with all the innuendo and slander they want.

    1. Disgusting. I agree.

      If the actual Dem voters could think for themselves, they would be furious that their leaders have played on their ignorance with this whole Russian narrative. I guess some people are too stupid and still need to be lead around blindly.

  6. So embarrassing to have been born in California, lived in Oregon and currently Hawaii! What a bad joke!
    Happy Birthday Mr. President!

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